MICs and VLANs

We have a VLAN that needs to be accessed via VLAN Tagging.  This is enabled
on the compute hosts as eth2.3.  I've configured eth2 as a bridge (br1) and
included the mic cards (mic0, mic1) in this bridge.  Creating br1.3 works
to route on the vlan, but the MIC hosts don't seem to support this.

Are there any packages we may be missing for VLAN support?

Two bridges

Hi guys,

We have faced with a requirement to setup two network bridges and include both MICs into the both networks (on each host of the cluster). Is it possible to implement such configuration with the latest MPSS?

Best regards,

OpenMP not using all processors

I am trying to use MKL libraries and OpenMP in a MSVS C++ application on Windows7. The application shows affinity for all 24 processors (2 nodes, 6 processors, HyperThreaded). omp_get_num_procs() also shows 24 processors.  When I run the program only 1 node and 6 processors are accessed. This is confirmed  when I use "KMP_AFFINITY=verbose,none". It ouputs "OMP: Info #179: KMP_AFFINITY: 1 packages x 6 cores/pkg x 1 threads/core (6 total cores)".  I get no compiler or linker complaints.

How to align the 3D array which is dynamic allocated by new operator to 64 bytes?


I am using pointer to dynamic allocate a 3D array like this:

double ***p;

p=new double** [x_dimension];
    for (int i=0; i<x_dimension; i++)
        phi[i]=new double* [y_dimension];
        for(int j=0; j<y_dimension; j++)
            phi[i][j]=new double [z_dimension];

How can I rewrite the code to make sure the allocated memory is 64 bytes alignment?


Information about Intel Compiler

Hello, I' new here, my name is Sabino and I lead my own indie development. Intel Compiler caught my attention, so I decided to get more information about this software. Benchmark affirms that executables created with Intel Parallel Studio are more performant. Then, I also read that Intel Compiler automatically detects the CPU ti verify if it's IntelGenuine or not; if yes, the executable will run slower.
This will split my customers in two sections: people who have got Intel CPUs and people who have got AMD CPUs.

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