Cross-thread Stack Access

Hi All,

I'm running an OpenMP application (minimal example) :

     DO KR=1,100

            Array_Out(KR) = Array_Input(KR)



I verified that I do not have data race (I get the same results with only one thread), however when running the application in the Inspector XE 2013 - I get a massage that I have cross-thread stack accesses. 

How can I prevent this behavior, and what is the practical effect if not on the results ?

Thanks in advance for your replies,

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    I have a Fortran subroutine that has internal subroutines and functions which it calls. The program runs, but once I step into an internal subroutine, debugging variables define in principal usbroutine is impossible. It is as if it does not inherit the debug information from the enclosing subroutine. All the variables are undefined in the debugger.

    Does anyone know how to get around this problem ?

    Visual studio version : 2012 update 4

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    Is there some named/parameterised value that can be used instead of hardcoding "-1"?

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