Using the Intel® XDK Develop Tab

Code Editor and UI Designer

This tab provides a full view of the files in your project directory. You can edit project files with the built-in Brackets* code editor or with your favorite code editor, alongside the Intel XDK. The Intel XDK tools automatically detect when project files are changed (as the result of a save when using your external editor) and will prompt you if additional actions are required due to changes to project files.

What is Crosswalk and How you can use it with Intel XDK

What is Crosswalk and why should you use it?

Crosswalk is an HTML5 runtime, built on open source foundations, which extends the web platform with new capabilities. This means for Android developers is, you can now deploy your mobile HTML5 application with its own runtime without a dependence on the native webview that is on your customer's device for all Android 4.0+ devices. This means

Intel App Preview Login problems

I have an xdk account on my windows 7 machine, no problems login to intel

When I try to setup an app preview account on my iphone 5s or my ipad2 with latest "intel app Preview APP, which installed properly" it says i cant because an account allready exists.


When I try to login to app preview on my iphone or ipad with my email address it says my account id is wrong


When I try to login to app preview on my iphone or ipad with my accountid it says my password is wrong


Intel® Developer Zone at Microsoft //Build/ 2014

Software developers by the thousands visited the Intel Software booth at the sold-out Microsoft Build conference April 2 – 4 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. They were able to learn about how the Intel® Developer Zone provides world-class  knowledge, tools and support for Windows 8 cross platform apps.

Standing room only at the Intel booth....

Intel® Developer Zone: Premier Resource Center for Cross Platform Apps

The changing world of software development is creating exciting opportunities for developers with multiple devices, platforms/OS environments and new categories of applications which must run across multiple platforms.

Developers are looking for critical knowledge about these new platforms technologies, resources to help sharpen their expertise, tools to reduce effort of porting code across multiple platforms, and opportunities to extend their market reach and discoverability.



I have created an App with Intel XDK and PhoneGap, I have tested this App with Intel App Preview in two mobile and it works perfect on Android 4.2 and Windows Phone 8, but I said to my friends to test the App in her phones and the Intel App Preview not working in a very high number of terminals: 

- Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 the Intel App Preview not shows the login with the user and pass, directly shows the menus but don't do anything without login. 

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