"tel:" tag in <a> element doesn't display phone dialer in Intel XDK


I have an Apache Cordova project inside the INTEL XDK. Inside it, in index.html file I have the following tag:

<a href="tel:922001122">Call 922 00 11 22</a>

When I build the app (for android platform) with this IDE and I export the apk to my android device, when the above tag is clicked nothing occurs and the phone dialer doesn't appear, instead if I copy the same code (the www folder) inside an empty cordova application created via command line, and I build the application, it works fine.

What could be the reason?

Remote Page Popup with

I'm writing an app with Intel XDK that conects to a remote CMS.

The local html asks the user to input some data then loads a remote page on a server using the data previusly given by the user.

After the remote page is loaded the user is shown some buttons to open images, pdf or some other infos. The buttons use function to open a page that shows the content inside an iframe plus a close button that uses window.close() to close the popup and get back to the results.

Secure Storage

Mobile phone applications may call REST APIs using a developer key (and sometime also a shared secret). What is the best practice for storing the key and shared secret so that it cannot be fraudulently obtained (e.g. application decompilation)?
Thanks for any input that can be provided.

xdk_web_win_master_2170 installation failed

hi everyone 

I had XDK 1995 so I tried to install XDK 2170 to avoid update alerts.

I did not uninstall the previous version because I thought I can install it over the last version.

I received the following errors (I have attached screen shots)

 Rolling back failed components

 Rollback component 3 of 3: Node-Webkit


and then:

Intel XDKSetup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error(s).

failed_to_extract_ archive


things I have done so far:

订阅 HTML5