Change Androids Status Bar Color using Cordova plugin


Hi all, I'm using Intel XDK 2807 and I'm trying to change the Android statusbar color by using the cordova plugin called StatusBarPlugin 2.0.0. I've tried everything but nothings seems to work, changing the .xml files didn't do anything. Adding Javascript functions and adding the cordova.js script didn't do anything too so this is driving me crazy.

I'm developing an application using HTML5 + Javascript.

Can someone please give me a step by step solution please? Thanks in advance



Hello Admob create banner on load



I'm trying use the Hello Admob demo to create a base too add my already finished application into. However I'm having some issues. 

I can't get the banner ad to be created on load. I tried putting


<body onload="createbanner()"> But that just made all of the buttons not work. The video on the XDK Channel is now out of date so no help there.  Is there a way to just get the banner to load at the bottom when the app loads automatically. Then i can just paste in my banner codes and be ready to go.



no select text when using appframework 3.0

Hi! Im having issues with the select text in the content when appframework is added on the header. I was unable to highlight each content on the app. i ve already changed the user-select stuff from css but no luck. It works on other frameworks like bootstrap, jquery mobile but not with appframework. Any ideas please? Thank you

Uploading app to Windows Store language problem


I uploaded an app to Windows Store. It worked well, but Windows Store always detects Englisch as language ("en-US") - but my app is in German language. I have no possibility to enter a German description in Windows Store and I can´t find a field to change the language selection of my project in Intel XDK.

Do you know a solution?

Best Regards,
Jochen M.

XDK Login Issue


I am unable to logon to the authentication server from XDK. My account is active via other channels eg app preview and XDK Early Access.

I have tried upgrading to version 2893 but this has not resolved the problem. Can someone from Intel check my XDK access ?

Many Thanks. 


Suddenly stopped ?

Ive got an App that takes photos and uploads to server, then an option that pulls them back and displays in a list. Works fine in emulator and was working fine on the App preview on iPhone, but suddenly the App preview isn't working. The App itself is ok, takes photo but upload isn't working at all.

Has anything changed recently that could cause this. I've even deleted and reinstalled the App but same thing, Emilator fine (so I know backend is ok), Preview not.





Best way to handle selection in thousands of options


I'm looking for suggestions about how to handle a select of around 1800 driver's names.

My app will have several select dropdown controls populated from tables, only one with such a lot of records. It will be great a control that performs a search based on part of the name.

Looking forward to your comments, thanks a lot.



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