haxm installation failure in win7 64

Hi All,
I am writing this post to ask for help about installing the intel haxm, I previously used win8, and I could install the haxm without any problems, but a few
days ago, I change the os to win7 64bit, while I cannot install the haxm after I tried many ways to fix it.
I refered to the the page :
and tried the ways that mentioned in the page, but nothing helped. I went to bios and enabled the VT.

below are the info captured about my pc.

hoping to get any helpful info from you guys, many thanks.

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    So, my custom QEMU is based on the Tizen's QEMU.

    Recently, I checked the issue related with HAXM version.
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    Thank you for new version. You are really great.
    We started test it and we have scome questions:

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    In JS script button and function for start recording - disabled.


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    Have you ever wanted to control your light bulbs? Ever forget to turn off your lights before a long trip? Well Philip's has developed this smart light bulbs that allow you to control the lights via wifi called Philip Hue Lights. Philip's has a great smartphone app that let's you control the lights (setting timers, moods, etc.), but I wanted to try controlling the lights via my Intel Edison board via NodeJS. 

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