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Javascript needed?

Steve mentioned on the linux forum that there should be a replacement for the vecanalysis script of ifort 12/13 in the current versions under Visual Studio.  Does this require installing Javascript?  I have been looking for several days for documentation about how to set up Javascript, which also appears to be called for in an install script posted on another forum section.

Compiler optimization reports

I was wondering if there is (or there are plans for) a feature built in to the Intel compilers that would combine compiler optimization reports with source code listings, as with the VecAnalysis script provided by Intel.  That script is really handy, but unfortunately it does not seem to work with anything later than the 13.1 compiler release.  This script makes the vectorization and other reports much more understandable.

CHDIR does not set the directory before open

In an application I am opening different files residing in different folders. To perform the assignment, I try to force Windows to display the correct folder. in the way that if I want to open an .INP file, the FileOpen dialog should list the content of the INP directory aso. However, the FileOpen  dialog box lists the file content of the most recent directory.  In the example below, the files in the "InputDir"  should be listed and this happens. But next, when I  will open a PLT file (not shown here), the dialog box list the files in the InputDir, and vice versa...

IVF XE16 Update 1 with VS2013 and VS2015 parallel


IVF XE16 Update 1 works fine with my Visual Studio 2013.

But with Visual Studio 2015 I can not link (I can only compile).

Error message --> LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "/OUT:Release\Console1.exe"

VS 2013 and VS 2015 are installed on the same computer (parallel).

I have also IVF XE16 Update 1 deinstalled and new installed. Still the same problem.

Any ideas what I can do ? 

Sincerely Reto


Mac OS X installer problem

So, I downloaded the latest installer image <m_fcompxe_2016.1.043.dmg>. Installed the latest Xcode (7.1.1) and also the command line developer tools. Then opened the Intel Fortran installer image and launched the installer application <>. I was logged in as Administrator, and am running OS X El Capitan 10.11.1. I have a valid product serial number for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran OS X*. The installer application provided a screen to select between two options: 1. Install as Administrator. 2. Install as root.

Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 Update 1 for Windows - very slow compile time

I have tried compiling a large code under both Visual Studio and Cygwin environments using this FORTRAN compiler.  It is too slow to be usable.  Whereas ifort 12.1(8) took 1-3 seconds per routine this version takes ~5 minutes per routine.  I stopped the build after a few routines.  There is something very wrong with this behavior.  The install went normally after installing VS 2016 and Cygwin.

Trying to learn Dialog Box using Fortran

I was trying to learn how to add a dialog box to my 25 year old Fortran code. I was trying to follow along with this guide:

I have this version of Visual Studio:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Version 10.0.40219.1 SP1Rel
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.5.51209 SP1Rel

Installed Version: IDE Standard

Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010   01011-532-2002361-70772
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010


I came across the following awkward behaviour:

an argument being used in ACOS function displayed in the debugger shows a value 1.00000000000000 but it resulted an a Nan result.

When displayed as hexadecimal,  the argument shows a value #3FF0000000000001.

A PARAMETER initialised to 1.0d+00 displays as  1.00000000000000 and when displayed as hexadecimal shows #3FF0000000000000.

Module variable not recognised in debugger

I want to look at a module variable, so following the documented technique for doing this, in the Watch window I type


The debugger replies that the variable is not recognised, even though the variable is defined as a PARAMETER in the module and calculations up to that point use its value.
The module is in a separate Fortran file. Is that the problem?

I am using VS 2012 Pro.

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