Intel® Fortran Compiler


Statement: Provides one or more entry points within a subprogram. It is not executable and must precede any CONTAINS statement (if any) within the subprogram.


Inquiry Intrinsic Function (Generic): Checks whether a file is at or beyond the end-of-file record.


Transformational Intrinsic Function (Generic): Performs an end-off shift on a rank-one array, or performs end-off shifts on all the complete rank-one sections along a given dimension of an array of rank two or greater. Elements are shifted off at one end of a section and copies of a boundary value are filled in at the other end. Different sections can have different boundary values and can be shifted by different amounts and in different directions.


Inquiry Intrinsic Function (Generic): Returns a positive model number that is almost negligible compared to unity in the model representing real numbers.


Statement: Specifies that a storage area is shared by two or more objects in a program unit. This causes total or partial storage association of the objects that share the storage area.


Intrinsic Subroutine (Generic): Returns information about the most recently detected I/O system error condition. Intrinsic subroutines cannot be passed as actual arguments.

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