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recursive subroutines and stack size

I am experimenting with recursive subroutines.  If I compile and run a simple program, where a recursive subroutine calls itself many times, it crashes with a stack overflow.  I have figured out that to fix this, I have to set the Stack Reserve Size to a large value.  Is there a way to disable the stack usage?  I have tried using /heap-arrays0 option, but it did not help.

If I can't disable the stack and I want to use recursive subroutines, do you think I should just set the Stack Reserve Size to a maximum of 1 GB to prevent any stack overflows?


Translating Visual Studio project to command line

For various reasons, I need to use the compiler at command line to compile a project that I had previously been compiling successfully in Visual Studio 2012. 

The Solution properties pages show several different command lines, one for "Fortran," one for "Linker," one for "Resources," and one for MIDL. Can I combine these somehow as as argument to the ifort command so that one call to ifort builds the entire solution (equivalent to "Rebuild Solution" in Visual Studio)? If so, how? Just concatenate them, or something else?

DLL Considerations

I have two DLLs that I'm interested in.  Let's call them Main.dll and Plugin.dll, both written in Fortran.

Plugin.dll needs to access various functions and COMMONs from Main.dll.  Ok, so I added a few


kind of statements, and created a module definition file to go along with Main.dll.  The user of Main.dll and Plugin.dll loads everything into memory, and life is good.

Integration of psxe 2016 in VS2010

I am trying to use the 2016 compiler in VS 2010. Everything looks fine, it knows about the Fortran, and I can open the sample 'Hello world' project. However, when I try to compile the source file with right-click/compile I get a 'The operation could not be completed' error message. Further, if I right-click on any item e.g. the source file in the Solution Explorer tree end select 'Properties',  I get 'Class not registered. Looking for object with CLSID: {F0F74B93-6F3C-4212-897A-DF6A62B91A8AJ}.

Fortran compiler doesn't create an exe file


I installed the Intel Fortran Compiler and Microsoft Visual Studio, both in their latest version. I am having an issue with building my test program. The builder runs and says it has been successful but no .exe file was created and I am unable to run the program (I get a message saying that no .exe file can be found) 

I feel like there is something simple I am not doing. 

Any advice?




Declaring size of array using non-parameters


I am working on Intel Visual Fortran 11.1 and have a question on declaring an array in a subroutine by defining the size of the array using an argument. The argument can vary each time the subroutine is called, and the compiler does not provide an error, nor a warning.

program main
call suppre(5)
call suppre(6)

subroutine suppre(ivar)
integer ivar
real, dimension(ivar) :: array

end subroutine

My question: What are the drawbacks of this practice?

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