Choosing the right threading framework

This is the second article in a series of articles about High Performance Computing with the Intel Xeon Phi. The Intel Xeon Phi is the first commercial product of Intel to incorporate the Many Integrated Core architecture. In this article I will present various frameworks for unleashing the power of multiple threads on the Xeon Phi. We will also have a look at interesting properties and advantages / disadvantages of each framework.

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  • Increase Cluster MPI Application Performance with a "MPI Tune" Up

    The Intel® MPI Library offers many configuration options for improving application performance on your cluster. The number of options can be daunting to a new user. To assist with this, the Automatic Tuning utility is provided. This allows you to tune runtime parameters to match your system and your applications. In this webinar, I will introduce the tuner and provide use cases to begin using it for your cluster and applications.

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