Unable to install HAXM


I'm trying to install HAXM 1.0.5 for Tizen on Windows 8.1 64bit (Lenovo Pro 2 Yoga) machine but I get an error "Failed to configure driver: unknown error. Failed to open driver."

I've attached a screenshot of the error, and my machine configuration using CPUID software



Meet the developer who wants to change the world through coding

Ngesa Marvin knew from a young age that he wanted to work in the science and engineering fields. Growing up in a small village in Muhoroni, Kenya, he learnt his first hard lesson when he electrocuted himself while trying to pull electric wires from a meter box to make a car. A few years later, he came across a book at his uncle’s house that outlined how to write HTML codes. After some experimentation and exciting outcomes, he was hooked and knew that he wanted to develop solutions that address unique African problems, change lives and make the world a better place.

通过蓝牙* LE (BLE)从安卓*连接到英特尔® Edison


蓝牙* LE (BLE) 通信因其低成本和低能耗等优势,被越来越多的用于商用产品和娱乐性应用。 如果希望实现 Android* 手机或平板电脑与英特尔l® Edison 或英特尔® Galileo 项目之间的通信,蓝牙* LE (BLE) 无疑是最佳选择。

本文旨在为您介绍如何使用免费的软件工具和低成本、即时可用的硬件编写代码和连接硬件,以构建英特尔 Edison 与配备蓝牙 4.0 的 Android 设备之间的 BLE 通信。

什么是 BLE?

蓝牙低能耗 (BLE),蓝牙 LE,或 BLE (也称智能蓝牙)是一种无线个域网技术,由蓝牙特别兴趣小组设计和市场推广。 它主要针对健康医疗、健身、安全、自动化和家庭娱乐等行业的应用。

蓝牙 LE 最初由诺基亚于 2006 年推出,当时称为 Wibree。 2010 年,通过蓝牙版本 4.0 ,蓝牙 LE 加入了蓝牙标准的行业。

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  • Intel® RealSense™ SDK Gold R2 en síntesis

    The Intel® RealSense™ SDK Gold R2 (v4.0) release is now available! This brief overview walks you through product improvements from Gold R1 (v3.1) and some of the new natural interaction modalities that can be used to create compelling applications using the Intel RealSense SDK.
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  • Blob Tracking
  • Java* Application Performance Improvement with Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v3


    Java1, 2 is a programming language used for developing applications that can run on any operating system (OS). To do that, Java applications need to be compiled to bytecode.3 This bytecode can then be run on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM)4 without recompiling. To run Java applications on OSs like Windows* and Linux*, a Java Runtime Environment (JRE)7 must be installed.

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  • Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions
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  • Intel Software Day 2015 - Salvador (Conteúdo)

    The Intel Software Brazil held on 12 and 13 June 2015 the Intel Software Day 2015. This year the event moved from air and was held in Salvador, being welcomed by Senai - Cimatec . and its excellent infrastructure
    During the event were held five trails of lectures focusing on Android, RealSense / Windows, IoT, HPC and startups with high-level professionals, and presentations of demos and networking among participants.

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