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What's New

This Reference Manual documents Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) 8.2 Update 1 release.

Multiple fixes have been made in the document.

Basic Features

Like other members of Intel® Performance Libraries, Intel Integrated Performance Primitives is a collection of high-performance code that performs domain-specific operations. It is distinguished by providing a low-level, stateless interface.

Based on experience in developing and using Intel Performance Libraries, Intel IPP has the following major distinctive features:

Function Context Structures

Some Intel IPP Cryptography functions use special structures to store function-specific (context) information. For example, the IppsRijndael128Spec structure stores a set of round keys, a set of round inverse keys, and key management information for the Rijndael cipher scheme with the block size equal to 128.

Two different kinds of context structures are used:

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