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Why does the available number of workers changes execution for a 1 cilk_spawn program?

While optimizing a matrix manipulation code in C, I used CilkPlus to spawn a thread to execute in parallel two functions that are data independent and somewhat computationally intensive. Cilk_spawn is used in only one place in the code as follows:

Run-time exit function

I would like to understand run-time execution in Cilk a little better. 
I have downloaded Intel Cilk run-time release (cilkplus-rtl-003365 - released 3-May-2013).

On 09/09/2013 I had asked a question seeking to figure out which is the last function executed before Cilk run-time ends assuming execution went without any problems.

Barry suggested to look at “__cilkrts_c_return_from_initial()” in scheduler.c  and indeed that was what I needed at that time.

Cilk worker


I would like to understand Cilk worker creation a litter better.
I am not sure how to phrase this question so I’ll give it my best.
I have downloaded Intel Cilk runtime release (cilkplus-rtl-003365 -  released 3-May-2013).

I would like to create a new Cilk worker that does not cause cross-threading issues but this new worker would not be a part of the work collective.

cilk_spawn inside cilk_for


For some reason, whenever I have a spawn and sync inside a cilk_for it seems as though the spawn does not get recognized.  I end up getting a compile time error of Expected _Cilk_spawn before _Cilk_sync.  As an example consider the following (overly simple) program:

void foo(){
    cout << "foo";

void bar(){
    cout << "bar";

void baz(){
    cout << "baz";

int main(){
    cilk_for(int i-0; i<10; i++){
        cilk_spawn foo();


Cilk™ Plus Trademark License for product distribution

Dear all,

I need a help to make clear with my customer about Cilk Plus license.

I have bought a license of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 (contains Cilk Plus) to develop a product for my customer.

Now, my customer want to distribute the product to market.

Mustn't my customer need to buy a license because I bought it ? can you give for me some evidences to me negotiate with my customer ?


Tam Nguyen

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