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Memory Limitiation into Cilk ?

I just want to use Cilk Plus with implicit shared memory , but i am getting this error :

HOST--ERROR:myoiExPLExtendVSM: VSM size exceeds the limitation (4294967296) now!
HOST--ERROR:myoiExMalloc:662 Fail to get a new memory chunk!
HOST--ERROR:myoArenaMalloc1: Fail to get free memory space!
HOST--ERROR:myoArenaAlignedMalloc1: No enough memory space!

Error compiling Cilk Plus runtime


I am having trouble compiling the runtime library distributed with the GCC4.8 Cilk Plus branch.
I was able to build the entire compiler, which compiles the runtime library correctly as part of the build, but I would like to be able to build and package the runtime library by itself, and that's where I ran into issues. 

I followed the instructions in libcilkrts/README.

Branch and bound search: avoid copying of data

Hi there.

I want to implement a multi-threaded version of a branch-and-bound search. The search space is a 16 level 128-ary tree.

So far, the intermediate result is stored in an array. this does not contain only the 16 levels, but also other entries, which are deduced from those values and needed to check the constrains for the bound condition.

Cilk Plus using work stealing seems well suited to implement this in a convenient way, especially as the framework itself decides whether to split a task or not.

Reducer's performance regression on windows laptop compared to linux

The attachment is the code of the eigen sample.
I find something strange that when the program run on my windows laptop, the cilk version runs several times slower than the serial one, while the cilk version runs twice faster than the serial version on the Linux server.
I compare the environment as following:
OS                Compiler                            Core                                                            Time cost
Windows 7    Version 14.0.1    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 M560 @ 2.67GHz x2    Serial:1.817 sec

Cilk portability to non Intel processors


I'm investigating the use of Cilk in embedded computer environment.

I've understood that Cilk is only supported on Intel processors for Linux and MacOS X. Is it right?

Cilk also requires some specific compilers. Such compilers are available from Intel, GCC and LLVM.

What should be the effort to port Cilk to a different processor (i.e. ARM or Sparc)?

I assume that it involves some non trivial adaptation of the compiler backend?

Regards, Dominique T

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