Intel® Parallel Composer beta (Archived)

To all beta participants: Intel Parallel Studio 2011 is now available!

To all beta participants:

We sincerely thank you for participating in our Intel Parallel Composer 2011(a component of the larger Intel Parallel Studio 2011) beta program and sharing your experience with us on our beta product. The Intel Parallel Studio 2011 Tool Suiteis released and now available!

For product forum support, please visit the Intel Parallel Studio User Forum at:

Audio recording and presentation slides for GAP Technical presentation

Audio recording (WMV format)and presentation slides (PDF format) for "An Overview of the Guided Auto-Parallelization (GAP) Feature in the Beta Intel C++ and Fortran Compilers" technical presentation held June 22, 2010. Note: There are additional examples in the backup slides.

Beta participants: Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for participating in our Intel Parallel Composer beta program. We appreciate your continued beta testing and feedback.

Please submit any issues or feature requests and comments by 6/30/2010 so we may resolve them for our product.

Again, thank you for sharing your experience with us on our beta product; and we look forward to yourfeedback through the duration of the beta.

Composer Beta Team

Slides from May 4th Webinar on Cilk

Hi all,

We did a webinar this morning at 8am Pacific time on changes and new updates in Cilk in the Intel Parallel Composer beta. I am posting the slides here. Let me know if there's any interest to do another webinar on this around 5pm or so Pacific time - I want to see if there's anyone that couldn't attend due to the time that would have liked to attend. Thanks everyone, and I really enjoyed the questions in today's session.

Updated Release Notes and Samples for Beta

Attached to this post you will find updated copies of:

  • Intel Parallel Composer 2011 Release Notes
  • Nqueens sample for Parallel Composer (
  • Cilk samples for Parallel Composer (
  • Sample files to support Parallel Composer tutorial (

These files supersede those found in the initial beta installation.

crypto library problem

I've gotten the crypto library installed and have included ippcp.h but when I do a compile I get the following link error:

LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _ippsMD5MessageDigest@12

Did the installation not work? Do I have to check a box somewhere in a menu? Do I have to manually point to the library file?

Intel MKL 10.3 beta is available for download and also participate in webinar on MKL 10.3 new features


The Intel Developer Products Division invites you to participate in the Intel MKL 10.3 beta program and please visit MKL 10.3 beta program page for more details on registration and download at

Please also participate in our webinar on MKL 10.3 new features and more details below .

Intel MKL 10.3 Beta - An Introduction To New Features

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