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problem while compiling code of visual fortran on linux

Dear Admin,

I have compiled code on intel visual fortran. Now I wish to port same code on linux platform . while compiling the same on the linux platform using ifort

I am getting the error " Error in opening the compiled module file.  Check INCLUDE paths.   [IFQWIN]" .

After searching on forum I got to know its used only for windows and not for linux. So to replace this module which module i should use or what changes are required to be done.





Coarray - Internal compiler error / Wrong results

Compiling this program with ifort version 15.0.1 gives me:

testarray.f90: catastrophic error: **Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised** Please report this error along with the circumstances in which it occurred in a Software Problem Report.  Note: File and line given may not be explicit cause of this error.
compilation aborted for testarray.f90 (code 1)

Here is the code:

module test
  implicit none

Ifort compiler error - do-variable within a DO body shall not appear in a variable definition context


            I have inherited this code and when I try to compile it I get the following error. Being a newbie to Fortran 90 I would appreciate any help

When I compile this code I get the message - do-variable within a DO body shall not appear in a variable definition context. I presume this code did compile with pgf90 (that is what the author of the code told me) but I am not sure why it does not compile with ifort.



Modules and separate compilation, duplicate symbol error


Consider the following, I have an interface file, say as below,

module foo_type
    type bar
    end type bar

end module foo_type

module foo
    use foo_type

        subroutine sub(var)
            use foo_type
            type(bar) var
        end subroutine sub
    end interface
end module foo

And there are multiple source files use the models in this file, say pr.f90

MODULEFILE creation is easy


If you use Environment Modules  (from Sourceforge, SGI, Cray, etc) to setup and control your shell environment variables, we've created a new article on how to quickly and correctly create a modulefile.  The technique is fast and produces a correct modulefile for any Intel Developer Products tool.

The article is here:

is it worth using array section assignment ?

Hi, all

I'd like very much the capability of working with array sections in assignment such as

a(k:k+l) = b(j:j+l)

After some tests, however, I am surprised that this notation leads to much less efficient code than the good old equivalent loops:

do i = 0,l
   a(k+i) = b(j+i)
end do

I guess that the former generates some temporary before the assignment, and this operation consumes time.

Is there some option,  directive or trick that can be used not to lose in performance ?

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