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creeping cpu time




I have a fortran multithreaded (omp) code compiled with ifort that runs 24/7 doing

fluid flow calculations. It uses about 6GB of ram and it is run as a series of

self-submitting jobs. The processor is an i7 3930k with 16GB ddr3 @ 1600mhz and

the OS is opensuse but run in konsole. No other application is run on this system

and it not connected to the net.


Each one of the series of these jobs does a virtually identical number of operations -

I/O Question


   I have an input output question. I am trying to read the values as in the attached text file, until end of file, then multiply the last value (from beginning to end) by a coefficient (example 0.5) and output the table in the same format but with the modified last column. Attached herewith is a test program which I tried to write for this, which appears to go in an infinite loop.

Any pointers and suggestions so as to output the file in the same format would be greatly helpful.

Thank you.

Downcast function result without copy

Problem: A subprogram 'make_child' returns a variable of type 'child' which is an extension of the 'parent' type. 'make_child' itself gets the 'child' from a generic factory, which produces the 'child', but declares it as 'parent' type. (Note: this is not about human genetic engineering, it's a Fortran question...)

Question 1 (Fortran Standard): How can 'make_child' downcast the 'parent'-type into the result declared as 'child', without creating a copy (large data!) ?

What I tried so far:

OpenMP & Shared derived array

       type :: zmplx2d
         complex*16,pointer:: val1(:,:),val2(:,:)
       end type

      type(zmplx2d),dimension(:),allocatable:: acamats

       !$omp parallel do private(ilo,jlo,snedges,fnedges,
     &    ies,ief) shared(acamats)
     &   schedule(guided)
       do j = Levindx(i), Levindx(i+1)-1
        ilo = edgeips(2,j)
        jlo = edgeips(1,j)
        snedges = igall(jlo+1)-igall(jlo)
        fnedges = igall(ilo+1)-igall(ilo)
        ies = igall(jlo)
        ief = igall(ilo)

        call farboxInteraction2(snedges,fnedges,acacomps(j),

Another catastrophic error: **Internal compiler error

$ ifort -v
ifort version 15.0.0
$ ifort -c -fast -openmp test.F90
test.F90: catastrophic error: **Internal compiler error:
segmentation violation signal raised** Please report this error
along with the circumstances in which it occurred in a Software Problem Report.
Note: File and line given may not be explicit cause of this error.
compilation aborted for test.F90 (code 1)


Note, If you undefine the macro flag "BUG_OCCUR", the compiler error disappears.

OS: CentOS-6.x

EOF Question


   I was trying to implement the EOF function, in order to read until end of the input file, as

DO WHILE (.NOT. EOF(unit number of open file))

It gives the following error:

forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during read, unit 121,

Attached herewith is the test code and input file.

Any suggestions in this regard would be greatly helpful.

Thank you.

source the or ifortvars.csh file to properly set the user environment

in the old version like fortran 11.1.046, after the compilers are installed, it is necessary to source the or ifortvars.csh file to properly set the user environment to use the Intel compilers.

but now I install a new version (Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 Professional Edition for Linux) I fail to find out when the is,

can anybody give me the path of it? the compliers is installed under /opt/intel

Implementing Table Lookup


    Please disregard my previous posts in this regard. Attached herewith is a modified draft program (including the input file) where I have tried to create a subroutine called "fetchvalue"

I am having trouble with the driver program, when I am trying to call this subroutine. I am getting an error while compiling saying that the "fetchvalue" hasn't been declared. Any suggestions of pointers in this regard will be greatly helpful.

Thank you.


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