Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

Community Licenses and need older version of IPP

I have a Community License and it seems only the latest version of IPP is available which is Version 2016 (Update 1) or Version How can I download the older version? In other words, does the Community License allow access to older version?

I have read this page but don't I don't see the older versions of IPP being available or selectable for download.

OpenCV with IPP licence

I'm developing an application using OpenCV 3.0, which uses the Intel IPP-CV libraries to accelerate certain image processing functions. Everything will be statically linked with my executable. What is the licensing situation here? Am I allowed to commercially distribute my application if IPP-CV is present? Do I need a separate licence? I couldn't find this information in the IPP-CV faq and the licence document inside the ippicv folder has a generic licence.

upgrade video codec h264 sample for ipp 7 to ipp 9


We have been using IPP 7 and their related version of h264 codec samples (vm, umc,…) but we have recently been facing some issues with new targets (Windows 8.1 tablets).

To benefit from Windows 8.1 support as stated in IPP 9 release note, we have bought ipp 9.

But in this version, it turns out that samples are deprecated...

Is there a h264 codec sample compliant with IPP 9 ?

How can I upgrade our h264 codec implementation based on samples and ipp 7 to ipp 9 ?

Thanks for your help


ippsConv_32f memory problem


I've encountered a strange problem using ippsConv_32f function. It happens once in a while and isn't reproducible all the time.

This function gets 2 pointers to inputs (sizes M and N) and one pointer for output (size N+M-1). 

Even though the inputs are perfectly fine, the function crushes due to a memory problem.

I found that what solves the problem is allocating more space for the first input (N+A instead of N).

Need Mac compatile version of nsppxl.lib


I am using nsppxl.lib (NSP FIR Library) as a dependency for old MFC based image processing code which is written in Visual Studio 2005. Now i want to move this code to standard C++ 11 so that i can use it on Mac OS platform as well. " I need Mac compatible (static library) 64 bit version of nsppxl.lib ". Kindly help.



where to get 'Intel IPP JPEG Computer Vision Samples'

I am reading the following document

Intel® Integrated Performance

Reference Manual, Volume 2: Image Processing
Intel IPP 9.0


The chapter, Pattern Recognition, says, I can download 'Intel IPP JPEG Computer Vision Samples' from '

But I can't access that link. where can I get that sample code?

Wrong fft values when comapred with Matlab results

Hi, I am trying to calculate the MTF (modulation transfer function) of a radiograph. Multiple lines are drawn over a region that goes from high attenuation values to low attenuation values. These lines are sampled at the rate of 0.01mm. The following graph shows the attenuation value distribution of each of these lines:

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