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IPP OpenCL and Asynchronous C++ drivers


I have Intel Composer XE 2015 which contains IPP 8.2.  I am unable to locate any of the OpenCL or asynchronous C++ code.  Is this code included with IPP 8.2.  If not, where can I get it?

In general, how does intel recommend using IPP with GPU support if it exists.  Moving forward would it be better to use OpenCL?


Brad Kimbrough

Finding the largest matching rectangle between two 8-bit images


Say there are two images A and B, where B is part of A centered around a matching pixel P. B is not necessarily entirely contained within A, but is guaranteed to contain part of A.

I would like to find the largest matching rectangle of B within A. I have implemented various non-IPP algorithms that does this in a relatively efficient manner, but would like to see whether IPP can help in anyway.

segfault in ippiResizeSqrPixel

hi. i'm using ipp6(6.1.2) for image processing to make thumbnail.
and my env is that.

OS : linux(centOS 5.X) 64bit
CPU : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630L 0 @ 2.00GHz

And I got a trouble during upgrage  centOS 5.x --> 6.x

there is no segmentation fault to execute ippiResizeSqrPixel_8u_C3R in CentOS5.X.
but, here is a segmentation fault in CentOS 6.X

of cause, I re-install IPP libs, and re-compile my binary.


here is a segfault stack.

2D Convolution performance between 8Bit and 16Bit


For IPP version 8.1 or 8.2, I would like to find out if there should be any big differences in speed performance for  2D Convolution function between Unsigned 8Bit and Signed 16Bit fixed point data? Should the Unsigned 8Bit Convolution function be 2 times or even 4 timer faster  than Signed 16Bit Convolution function?


ippsHMACSHA1MessageDigest fails with ippStsLengthErr


I'm using the function ippsHMACSHA1MessageDigest(const Ipp8u *pSrcMesg, int mesgLen, const Ipp8u *pKey, int keyLen, Ipp8u *pMAC, int macLen) and it fails with ippStsLengthErr.

The parameters are : mesgLen = 176, keyLen = 20, macLen = 10.

What could be the reason for ippStsLengthErr?

Thanks for the help!

Media SDK crossplatform = for windows???


I need an mp3 decoder, for windows and mac os x, I own IPP 6, but it seems that UMC has been deprecated (??) and is not available for OSX 64-bit, so the alternative is "Media SDK", but:

There is:

"Media SDK for Windows* - A cross-platform API for developing media apps (foundation)." - What on earth is that? Is it crossplatform then or is it not? Is it available for OSX 32 & 64?

MP3 & AAC decoding, and advantages of IPP 8


I own IPP 6 for Windows & Mac and use it for signal processing extensively. Now I need to provide MP3 and AAC decoding (potentially other formats, but these are the important ones). I found there is "UMC" - is this the solution to look for? Does it work on both Windows and Mac, both 32 bit and 64bit? It's not a problem to upgrade to IPP 8 if needed (that's the newest version). 

Why isn't it included in IPP itself and rather part of some kind of examples? How to compile it effectively? It looks like lots of separate projects.

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