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g729 sample crashes as is without changes.


I have just downloaded, compiled and tried to run the g729 speech encoding sample. I have not altered anything, ran the build32.bat file. I ran the executable and it segmentfaulted. I then imported everything into the development studio 6.0 and found that it crashes in the G729AEncode function here:

LOCAL_ALIGN_ARRAY(32, int, autoR, VAD_LPC_DIM +2,encoderObj);
LOCAL_ALIGN_ARRAY(32, short, yVal, LP_WINDOW_DIM,encoderObj);
short Vad=1, s,norma,j;

IPP Memory Copy

I want to do memory copy as follows, but I can not find the related IPP functions for PXA, could you help me please?



* SRC - the source buffer
* DST - the destination buffer
* Then the function does the 8->16 bit transfer and this serie of operations :
* SRC (8bit) = SRC
* DST (16bit) = SRC

transfer_8to16copy_c(int16_t * const dst,
const uint8_t * const src,
uint32_t stride)
uint32_t i, j;

size of Emerged Static Lib.

I generated emerged static lib about jpeg decoding using sample source for my embedded application.

I just included "ippcorel.lib", "ippimerged.lib", "ippjmerged.lib", "ippsmerged.lib" and inserted about 55 function declarations in "funclist.h".

by the way, generated lib file size is about 80MB.

...... 80MB...?.?

Please help me....

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requesting minimum/maximum operation on two images


I'm not sure whether someone has seen my request on that at Intel ?

I'd like toask foran image minimum/maximum operations which could be included in image compare operations category. These functions would compare the corresponding pixels of two input images pSrc1, pSrc2and write minimum/maximum result value to a image pDst.



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