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MPEG2 Decoder Sample BUG ?!?!

Hi everyone and sorry my english.

I'm testing the MPEG2Decoder IPP app. and I have found a bug with the files longer thant 1GB aprox. Well, the problem is in the bitstream.c, when the MapViewOfFile file on the BitstreamOpen function. When it fails it tryes to map it in blocks of 188 MB but only map one bloc. When this block finish no other block of the source file is mapped and the decoder finish.

Has everybody found any solution to this problem?

size limitation with the MKL library


We are working with the Intel-MKL free evaluation library. (We also use Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 as you recommend). The problem we want to solve is to calculate the pseudoinverse matrix by using the DGESVD routine (i . e. single value decomposition with the double precision option). However we have experience linking problem as the dimension of the matrix we must work is very high (200.000x 200.000).

Fast Magnitude Routine for IPP PCA 16bit FFT Result


Does anyone know a fast magnitude calculation routine to turn a Ipp16sc FFT result into a Ipp16s or Ipp32s vector with PCA IPP calls quickly? The method I have been using (with the ippsNorm_L2_16s32s function, with each sc point as a vector) is too slow, almost doubling my processing time.



Wiener Filtering Audio

To whom,

I have an audio signal that I want to try to denoise through a Wiener filter. I have the FFT of the signal, but I dont know how to compute the signal to noise ratio vector needed by the ippsFilterUpdateWiener function that I want to use. I am programming in C to a PCA, Armcore, processor.



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