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how to create a variable bandwidth IIR filter?

Dear all,

I want to create a variable bandwidth IIR Filter (i.e. the values of the taps is different for each sample)and was wondering how to go about it and still maintain maximum speed.

I can only see one method at the moment:

call ippsAlloc to create a State Structure
for each sample
generate the values of the taps
call ippsAlloc to re-populate the State Structure
call ippsIIROne to filter the sample
next sample
call ippsFree

I cannot believe this is the most efficient method.
Can anyone help?


IPP JPEG Decode in Wince4.2

Intel only provide example code of IPP JPEG Decode for PCA Linux, we now develop IPP JPEG Decode for PCA in Wince 4.2.
we have gotten some question:
(1)How to solve DRI Code Assignment. When we decode JPEG(baseline or Progressiver mode), whether it is necessary?
(2)I migrated your provide example code of IPP JPEG Decode for windows function:(JERRCODE CJPEGDecoder::DecodeScanProgressive(void)) to PCA in Wince4.2,
but can't display picture. In screen, only display some separate dots. Can you tell me why and what can me modify in migration.

Bug in IppiFilterRow ???

Hi there!
I tried to implement a filter function with IppiFilterRow and I figured out that there is something wrong (if I used it correctly):

I use Visual C++ 6.0 with Windows XP and the evaluation Version of IPP. I have the following source code:

int Width = 7;
int Height = 7;
int BorderStepWidth=0;
int FilStepWidth = 0;
int length=3;

// Image with border...
Ipp32f *lp_BorderImg = ippiMalloc_32f_C1( Width+2*(length-1)/2, Height, &BorderStepWidth );
Ipp32f *lp_FilResult = ippiMalloc_32f_C1( Width, Height, &FilStepWidth );

In an application cannot ippAlgHintFast and ippAlgHintAccurate be used?

I am modifying SETI@home, which uses fft in some portion. To make it faster, I replaced original fft's (actually cdft functions) with IPPs. I seem to need to use ippsFFT* functions with ippAlgHintFast hint and ippAlgHintAccurate. At first ippAlgHintAccurate is used only a few times, then ippAlgHintFast many times.

MPEG4 Decoder for Windows Mobile PocketPC


I am interested in learning if you have any suggestions, samples or links for porting the mpeg4 decode samples to a pocketpc running windows mobile which uses the xscale processor. We are interested in doing some work with streaming mpeg4 to these types of devices and would like to find an intel optimized way to do this, such as IPP. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We have some developers that are already familiar with IPP in general on the windows platform.

IPP with voipong and kernel 2.6.9-1


I am working with voipong to capture the raw G729 payloads and trying to use the sample: g729idecoder passing as arguments the raw voipong capture and the output file:

./g729idecoder session-enc18-G729-8KHz.raw out

I having two problems, when the first one doesn't occurs, then is the second. I don't know if I can pass the voip raw capture right to the g729idecoder, if I can't please tell me what can I use or how I can do it.

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