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Intel IPP 5.0 beta will come soon!

Dear Customers,

As you may notice, the Intel IPP 5.0 beta will be available to publicsoon.

Below is a list of new features for your reference. Your partcipations of 5.0 betaand feedbacks are very important to us, please periodically check IPP web sitefor beta update. If you are a registered IPP user with Intel Premier Support, you will be notified via emailwhen it is launched.

How to prevent ICC from mangling function names in C code that uses IPP?

Hi all,

When I compile the following source code, it appears that Intel C++ Compiler is mangling "ippsDESBufferSize" regardless of the "/TC" option. __cplusplus is also not defined.

#include "stdio.h"
#include "ippCP.h"

int WinMainCRTStartup() {
int result, size;

result = (int) ippsDESBufferSize(&size);
printf("Result: %d, size: %d
", result, size);
#ifdef __cplusplus
printf("def __cplusplus

return 0;

Cache usage for a DSP program implemented with IPP


I am currently building a real-time multiprocessor scheduling algorithm that will preempt
tasks and move them between processors frequently. One of our biggest concerns is that
there will be a serious cache hit whenever a task moves between processors. Our target application
is a DSP program, and as is my understand such programs typically have a small cache footprint. I was wondering, if we were to move our DSP program over to the IPP, how large would the cache footprint be?

Thanks for the help,


IDCT of IPP is not giving desired values

Hello all,
For optimization of IJG standard JPEG encoder & decoder,I am replacing IDCT,VLC,dequantization etc. functions using corrosponding IPP library functions.
All functions are giving proper outputs except IDCT function.
Each & every value of output of IPP's IDCT function differs by 2-5 from IJG's IDCT function.
Hence,I am getting artifacts in output image.I have tried much,but unable to reach solution.
If anybody knows the solution,plz reply soon.
The detail information is as follows:

ippiDCT with other blocksize (i.e. 4x4 instead of 8x8)


I try to use the ippiDCT for images with a different blocksize. But it seems to have a hardcoded 8x8 blocksize. Did I miss something?

If it is not possible I have to create my own implementation of the DCT :-/


One other issue:

My first experiments with the ippiDCT is not working as expected.

I just tried to calculate the DCT of an IplImage (OpenCV image format) and the inverseDCT of the result ... but I did not get the original image after the second step ... why?

-- Code ----------------------------

// Fwd DCT:

encode Jpeg by IJL


Can I encode an 8-bits Gray, YUV422, YUV411image to jpeg by using IJL without converting it to 24-bits RGB image ?
I learn that there a IJL_G type used for 8 bits Gray image but when I use it :

Jcprops.DIBChannels = 1;
Jcprops.DIBColor = IJL_G;
Jcprops.JPGChannels = 1;
Jcprops.JPGColor = IJL_G;
Jcprops.DIBSubsampling = IJL_NONE;
Jcprops.JPGSubsampling = IJL_422;

Maybe IJL supports only for 24-bit color image (Jcprops.JPGChannels = 3).
Is it right ?

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