Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

EM64T build issue

Hi All,
I have been trying to benchmark the Intel IPPs performance on a Nocona processor with Windows XP 64. I have successfully been able to use perfsys for the above.
1) Now I would like to benchmark my application. Whenever I try to build my application by using the include and lib files from the EM64T directory I keep getting link error (For e.g "IPO Error: unresolved : _ippsGetLibVersion@0"). I have tried building the code on the machine that has Windows XP 64 and also on a machine that Windows 2000, but in vain.

GSMFR encoder and decoder

I downloaded and compile speech-coding samples with evalution version of ipp 4.1.

1) I have sound file (16-bit PCM 8000 Hz).
After running encodergsmfr.exe, file *.gsm differ from a file encoded by sox. Why ?

2) Why after encoding i can't decoding same file to PCM correctly ? Only white noise.

.wav files

Hi is it possible to use the IPP fft function on wav files? If not what is the correct way to go about doing so.Ihave a wav file whose frequency content I would like to plot.


Whats wrong with my code?

Please help. I don't understand whats wrong with my code.
I am trying to use ippiYCbCr422ToYCbCr420_8u_C2P3R on an YUY2 image in LPBYTE datatype and store the I420 image in LPBYTE datatype. The manuals are to brief to understand most of the functions in IPP.


LPBYTE ImageI420[3];

IppiSize RoiSize;

ImageI420[0] = (LPBYTE) new unsigned char[dwWidth * dwHeight * 3];

ImageI420[1] = (LPBYTE) new unsigned char[dwWidth * dwHeight * 3];

ImageI420[2] = (LPBYTE) new unsigned char[dwWidth * dwHeight * 3];

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