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ippiGaussianBorder now only supports const borders


I'm switching to the new Composer 2015 package containing IPP 8.2. I ran into a 'bug' straight away. A crucial part of my application suddenly didn't work anymore. Cause: see the title. I use mirrored borders...:-(. I cannot find any information on this change, and I am also worried that there will be more of this kind of surprises. Is there a list of functions of which the functionality has been limited?

Unresolved external ippmInvert_m_64f@32

Hi, I switched (or am trying to) to the new ipp version coming with the coposer 2015. so ipp8.2. I get an unresolved exteran on the ippm invert function. Non of . .lib seems to contain it. I know it is deprecated but it should still be there...

So where has it gone?

Any help would be appreciated.







IppiRotate IppiGetRotateShift


From Ipp 8.2 documentation

1) IppiRotate :

angle : The angle of rotation in degrees. The source image is rotated counterclockwise around the origin (0,0).

IppiRotateCenter : ... This function rotates the ROI of the source image by angle degrees (counterclockwise for positive angle values)

while IppiGetRotateShift and AddRotateShift:

What is the ImageDataPtr class


I need to write code for the JPEG encryption. I got the sample source code. To write my client app, I need to provide the parameters. B

I am struct-king with providing one parameter i,.e ImageDataPtr class method i,.e


UIC::ImageDataPtr dataPtr;
    dataPtr.p8u = //what I need to provide here;

could you please suggest me.





Intel IPP G723 and G729 audio codecs license


I want to integrate Intel IPP G723 and G729 audio codecs into pjsua. This will be used into a commercial application that needs to be installed on multiple places. We would like to know:

- how much a license for  IPP G723 and G729 audio codecs costs

- what types of licenses are available for multiple installations and how much it costs in each case



ippAlgDirect and ippAlgFFT take the same time


I'm running  ippiCrossCorNorm_16u32f and  ippiCrossCorNorm_32f  on ipp 8.1

It seems that timing is related only to src and template sizes.

I tried running with ippAlgDirect and ippAlgFFT but timing is  the same in both methods.

timing is also the same for 16u input and float input

Im I doing something wrong?




IPP OpenCL and Asynchronous C++ drivers


I have Intel Composer XE 2015 which contains IPP 8.2.  I am unable to locate any of the OpenCL or asynchronous C++ code.  Is this code included with IPP 8.2.  If not, where can I get it?

In general, how does intel recommend using IPP with GPU support if it exists.  Moving forward would it be better to use OpenCL?


Brad Kimbrough

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