Intel® Math Kernel Library

PARDISO segmentation fault

idbc wrote after 80% of LL' factorization:

Program received signal SIGSEGV
mkl_blas_mc_sgem2vu_odd () in /mnt/storage/opt/intel/composer_xe_2013_sp1.0.080/mkl/lib/intel64/

in the attachment there is matrix with the program and makefile to reproduce this fault.

Matrix is CSR 3-array-variation 1-based (Upper triangle part of hermitian matrix) with about 22 000 000 nonzeros and 64000x64000 size

The same program with smaller size worked, max size tested 17280x17280.

I can't run MKL with Visual studio.


I installed on my computer Intel® C++ Studio XE for Windows 2013 SP1 and Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012. Then I followed the instructions that I watched on this video In order to use MKL  I followed these instructions

For the Visual Studio* 2010/2012 development system:

How do we select the column of a matrix?


I am new to MKL and to C in general. Lets say that we have two matrices A, B of size (n,k). We would like for j =1 until k to subtrack the j column of A from B. In Matlab language the code is: for j=1:k, B(:,j)-A(:,j), end and in R language for(j=1 in k), { B[,j]-A[,j] }. I would like to ask if there is a routine to select the j column (or row) of a matrix? I searched but I had no luck.

Thank you very much.

Problems with DSS routine

I am beginner of MKL. I just want to use the DSS routine to solve a large sparse matrix equation. I revised the DSS example according to the manual. But it could not work with the error message "forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception -access violation".

I wonder if DSS routine has a size limitation for the solving sparse matrix.

Could someone tell me how to fix this problem? Please find my code attached.

Your help would be fully appreciated.


Function to solve the linear "less-equality"-constrained least squares (LSE)

Hi, I know there is ?gglse that solves the linear equality-constrained least squares problem using a generalized RQ factorization
      minimize ||c - A*x||2 subject to B*x = d
However I would like to solve particular case:
     minimize ||c - A*x||2 subject to B*x <= d
Is this possible, I have searched documentation but had no luck


Thanks in advance.

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