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Starting a pipeline with thread_bound_filter


I am trying to parallelize an algorithm that accepts a callback and looks like this:

class Object;

class MyCallback
virtual void NotifyAboutCompletion (Object* o) = 0;


void Foo (Object* o, size_t n, MyCallback* c)
   for (size_t i = 0; i < n; ++i) {
     DoSomeHeavyWork (o);
     c->NotifyAboutCompletion (o);


TBB add-in fail to load in Visual Studio 2010

I downloaded TBB add-in and installed it in Visual Studio 2010 as guided in the README file. But when I start Visual Studio, there is a message: The Add-in 'Intel (R) Threading Building Blocks Intergration' failed to load or caused an exception. Would you like to remove this add-in? ... Error number 80131515". So I can not use the TBB add-in.

Some one can help me to solve this problem?

TBB Android for loop accessing storage of same class vectors <std::float>

Hello everyone,

Me and a friend try to make and android app. Unfortunately the performance in a 3 staged for-loop constelation is very low. However, the forloops are mathematically not linked i.e. the i-th step in the outer for loop does not need to know what the i+1-th step's results are. However, in  this loop the same global class variable will be used which is a long 50k long vector of 3D points.

tbb:fixed_pool peformance issue when 'full'

I have been using tbb::fixed_pool as an allocator for "small objects". When the fixed_pool is full ( returns NULL) , I default to a normal dynamic allocator. 

I have found, however, that performance of tbb::fixed_pool drops very dramatically when the pool is "full". It appears that rather than having a simple internal flag to indicate this state (no more space to allocate), the fixed_pool  allocator must be doing a 'lot of work' to decide it cannot allocate.

How to refactor ipp_resize_mt example to a flow graph?


I'm new to flow graphs. I like the idea behind it but I already broke up in refactoring a resize filter to be a node of a flow graph. Could you please give me some hints?

Next I also want to use the flow graph to build a histogram on each tile and at after the last tile was processed calculate the final histogram. So how do I detect the last tile?

Thanks in advance

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