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Unstructured grid in Array Visualizer!

Hi All,

I'm trying to use the array visualizer to plot a unstructured grid composed

for triangles and quadrilaterals.

I have a special question about Av_Polylist. I have tried this:

call avCreatePlot(avPlots(hGraph), "Tri", AV_POLYLIST, hPlot)

call avSetPolyType(hPlot, AV_POLYGON, status)

and to set the vertices of polygon i did this:

CALL avSetVertexListSource(hplot, "/TriVerts%pt", status)

call avSetVertexSource(hplot,1,"/TriVerts%pt(0)",status)

Making a QuadMesh with Fortran Routine

Quad mesh is a neat graphic presentation. However, none of the samples show how to do this in Fortran.
I took the javascript example of QuadMesh2 which is a torus and generated the same shape in Fortran.
The fortran source code is attached. Comments in the code are crucial to understanding how this works.
Possible applications are mapping finite elements or other large-scale data arrays generated in fortran code.

Subroutine Variables and Visual Studio Integration

I am just now getting aquainted with the AV. I am trying to use the fortran subroutines in the AvFRT library. I am having a hard time finding the variables that are passed to each subroutine when integrating array visualizer into programs. Does anyone know of a list of the subroutines WITH Variables/options. I found one list in the help file with just the subroutine names in the library


avSave- how do i specify a file to save to or a logical argument to know if file was saved properly?
ie call avSave(file="blah.h5", status,.....)

Compaq Array Viewer: How to reassign data colums for a contour plot ?

I'm working for the 1st time w/ Compaq Array Viewer (v1.5) which was bundled w/ CVF6.5; I've upgraded to v6.6C.I'm wanting to do a simple 2D contour plot of ASCII data (Cartesian grid) stored in a file.The 3-column data format (X/Y/Z resp.) is very simple: X & Y are spatial position coordinates, & Z is the associated "intensity".

Compaq Array Visualizer Not Functioning

I am currently (still) a user of CFV Pro, with Compaq array viewer, and Developer Studion 98. I use the array viewer as a debugging tool only. Yesterday my array viewer stopped working. It comes up with a window titled Server Busy - "This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate the busy program and correct the problem." The switch button allows you to start another program, and retry just comes back with the same error. The cancel button is not available. In order continue using the debugger I need to kill the aviewer process.

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