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Getting an ERROR from HandleButton - DATA#42

I am new to MCA Dev.
I loaded BarcodeDefaultHandler.dll, It was working fine first day, second day when I turn on, I am getting this error on log file, any idea?

Could not load library: DATA#C:\\Progra Files\\Intel\\MCA....\\BarcodeDefa...dll
DafaultHandlerDllProxy : Handle Button - NULL mhMod
Error from mBtnHandMgr.HandleButton: DATA#-42


Barcode prefix removal

I know there is a method in the configuration files to add a prefix (and suffix) to a scanned barcode. Is there a way through configuration to remove a prefix or take a portion of the scanned barcode to pass on?

I'm currently configured to launch a custom .exe when the barcode is scanned and I accept the input unaltered. While I know I can manipulate within this .exe, I'm attempting to see if this can be done without a code change and make it more of a device specific configuration.

Any thoughts?

RFID Scan Callback


i am currently developing an app [edit: in C# using the MCA SDK 3.0]that makes use of the rfid reader (tough-book). serval rfids should be scanned. the scan should be started when an button in the app is pressed, and stopped when another one is pressed.

if a rfid is scanned i have to do a lookup in a database and update an ui. so i was looking for a opportunity to do a callback each time a tag is scanned.

i considered starting the scan in another thread and then just continuously looking in the rfid property. but that's not a good solution.

Application Linking (Dynamic versus Statically)

I have a question regarding linking

I have an applicaiton that I would like to make Intel MCA compliant, however after reading the SDK documentation, it stated that I would have to statically link to the Intel Healthcare SDK library.

Is there an approved dynamic link library that my application can interface with?
If this dll already exists, are there any drawbacks that Intel forsees in using dynamic linking?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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