Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) SDK (Archived)

MCA Through RDS

We are targeting RDS (Terminal Services) for our MC Tablet users. I saw that Intel has a SDK for Citrix to allow camera usage and barcode readers to work through this environment. What about RDS? Is there a plan to develop a SDK for this or is there one avaialble I am just missing?

barcode scanner on F5 not working with wpf forms

we are trying to use the barcode scanner integrated with the F5 motion computing machine with our application. the scanner works ok with regular winforms and notepad but not the wpf forms which are setup to intercept keyboard events. when using symbol wedge scanner the app behaves as expected, but nothing happens when scanning with the integrated barcode reader. at this point im thinking there is some configuration that i have missed.
any input / suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


No Prefix using MCA on a Panasonic H1

I have been working on removing the Prefix when scanning a Barcode with Internet Explorer. I have been using the MCA Editor version 2.0.3 and I have created an application. I want to do a Barcode Postfix so after the barcode is scanned and entered in a field on this site it tabs to the next field. My problem though is anything in IE posts the prefix back in. I have the postfix value as {VK_09} and nothing in the Prefix field. What do I need to do for the Prefix to be eliminated in my default application(iexplorer.exe)?

.NET demos not working


I'm working with an Panasonic Toughbook CF-H1B.

The MCA Platform Driver Version 2.0.3 is preinstalled.

The .NET framework 2.0 is preinstalled.

The demo 'ButtenDemo.exe runs perfectly.

The demos 'ButtonBarcodeDemoNet' and 'ButtonCameraDemoNET' crash with ''.

Don't know what file was not found at the moment.

Looks like there is a problem with the .NET framework?

I updated to 3.5 but that didn't help it.



Vendors - Quality


We have recently started several projects to develop Health care applications via Motion Computing devices.

Without making to many disparaging comments we are now seeking altenative device manufactures whom others are using to work with.

State of the MCA Vendors:

After finding 6 or 7 possible OEM/Vendors/Manuf Globally, we had emailed over 3 times in the past 3 weeks with no response.

We are a Motion "partner" and get no responce from technical teams, persons or even management

Rfid 14443 with CF-H1

Hello everybody

We're using RFID14443.exe demo for reading a RFID tagon Motion C5 tablet PC and it works fine. We're trying to read the same tag on Panasonic CF-H1 but it doesn't work. With any COM port we try the message is can't acces COM port. Can anybody help me?

Thanks, Nicola

Bar Coding on C5 Motion Computing Tablet

Question: We have c5 tablets from motion computing. The built-in bar code scanner is not working as we had hoped:

We have a program that accepts bar code input to pull up different records from the database. It works fine if I plug in a Metrologic MS9520 USB Scanner but does not register correctly if I use the built-in scanner on the side of the tablet.

The prefixes we added to the Metrologic are:

Prefix 1 - 175 (*Ctrl + )

Prefix 2 - 092 (' \\ ')

it also looks like it adds a carriage return or line feed automatically. This works.

Alternative Camera Capture application for MCA available?


i am new to the motion F5 and like it very much.
we are having problems with the standard camera application that comes with it:

i need a camera application that can be given the picture type (jpg) and the file path / file name.
is there somebody who wants to share/sell such a already finished and working application?

is anybody else having problems to get unblurred pictures with the camera? or is that a software issue?

SDK 2.0 Example BarcodeDemo fails while BarcodeDemoNet works

I have used the config editor to add a couple of bar code values. When I run BarcodeDemoNet, the values are shown when I press the Scan button. When I run BarcodeDemo, I get a timeout and this message:

Barcode scan started
MCA SDK returned error -130: No barcode was received within the specified wait i

What should I do?

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