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UPnP Java stack for Android

Hi, I am trying to generate the Android Java stack using the device builder, but if I even try it with the default options, I always get the error "Error generating code", so if anybody has an idea why is this happening of what could be the reason, please reply.I am currently using the C stack, but I am leaking memory when I browse an UPnP server, which causes my app to crash.Regards

Possible bug in OpenTools.UPnP.UPnPSmartControlPoint.Devices Property


Just started playing with the functions and came across a potential bug
in how the UPnPSmartControlPoint.Devices property has been implemented.

When I initially scan for devices on the network (providing no filter),
all devices are reported to the OnAddedDevice() event handler.

Devices property method works slightly differently - it assumes that a
filter did exist (default being rootdevice) and attempts to perform partial/full match across detected devices. This will never succeed and no results are ever returned.

Sample upnpsg file for Intel AV Media Controller

Is there a way to export stack from the Intel AV Media Controller (written in C#) to the Device Builder, so it can generate an embedded Microstack for Media Controller device? A sample upnpsg file for av media controller would be very helpful.

Device Builder doesn't see a running Media Controller, when I try to "Open from Network." Also, I cannot find AV Media Controller upnpsg in the examples provided.

Thanks, Jacek

Intel@Matrix Storage Console

This thread might no be relative to this forum, but am looking for a solution.
I have installed the Intel Matrix Storage Console 8.9on a Dell with multiple SATA drives. The option to create a RAID volume fails in both Basic and Advanced modes. Anyone experiencing similar activity with known resolutions?

Trying not lose existing data.

Documentation C# stack

Remark regarding the code distribution; the UPnP project folder (source code) contains 3 xml files, same date, different sizes. Which one is the most up-to-date?
To be able to use them in Visual Studio I had to copy one, drop it next to the UPnP.dll and rename it toUPnP.xml. Then with a text editor a replace all of 'Intel.UPNP' to 'OpenSource.UPnP'.
That was enough to make the availabledocumentation visible in the VS object browser.

Forum link


The site contains multiple references to the UPnP forum site, which are quite useless if your looking for some support on the stack.

Can a link to this forum be added? makes more sense from a community point of view.


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