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Intel Digital Home Device Code Wizard

Hi all,
I download Intel's Software Intel Digital Home Device Code Wizard, then i use it to genetare the DMP code.
I make and run it on linux, it can dicovery media servers(upnp, dlna servers) but can get shared content from server ex:music,video, photo, therefore it (DMP) can't playback
Anyone can help me to solve these issues(get share contens, and can playback for furhter)?
In addition, Can i use the generated code by Intel Digital Home Device Code Wizard in commercial products?
Sincerely thanks!

required to use upnp


i have created a program that uses the upnp.dll library to find and control upnp devices
i would like to distribute it. does the upnp.dll reference any other "DLL"s that i should be aware of?

for example a soap/xml dll of sorts or is this all contained in it?

basically can a device running this apllication run it with just the upnp.dll on it and no other 'DLL"s?


Broken Links, no downloads... only this forum

Hi guys, I am new in this community and wanted to join in. Sadly it seems that Intel has removed every single reference about the upnp initiative and its tools from their website and the only thing remaining alive is this forum.

All links pointing to intel papers, pages and even the downloads itself are currently broken. They all point to which in today's age ofknowledgemanagement I find completely un-reasonable from a player like intel.

problem with downloading "Intel Tools for UPnP"


There is a problem when i tried to download the "Intel Tools for UPnP
Technologies (Build 2777)".
The link is :

In fact the file is empty.

Could you please resolve this problem.

With my best regards,

intel UPnP SDK

I'm a student doing my final project which about discovering of service based on UPnP.I am now inquiring if Intel provides a SDK that could help me accomplishing my project. If yes where cani download from?

Thanks in advance,

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