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how to do

Hi All,
I am trying to build the upnp control device who search the upnp devices over network. I had also writtenn some code for it but it doesn't work ,
can any one give me the sample code to search devices over network using upnp in c#?
thanks in advance..

Intel Upnp SDK


We are a couple of studentsdoing our final projectwhich involves
building Upnp based Application and Desktop sharing system. This
project is based on seamless configuration between systems to
establish a desktop sharing session. I am now inquiring if Intel provides a
SDK that could help me inbuilding this application on a Windows
Platform. If yes where can we download from it?

Thanks in advance,


A Question about SOAP

I wrote a UPnP Internet Gateway Device Class in C++ with raw tcp/ip
and udp calls.

I want to now port that code to a high level interpreter that
SOAP methods.
I need some help 'filling in the blanks' in this high level language.

Here is the C++ method:

//This code sends a message to the gateway to inquire about the
external IP address. It builds up the soap envelope and message then
posts //it and gets the response, parses it to extract the desired

Code Wizard render / controller incompatibility?

We are using your tools to implement DLNA on our embedded system.

I download "Intel Digital Home Device Code Wizard" and "Intel Tools for UPnP Technologies". (2777)

I build W32 DLNA controller and render from Code Wizard sample application and they works well.

The controller and render in Intel Tools works well too.

But the render in Code Wizard is not compatible with controller in Intel tool.

The controller in Code Wizard is not compatible with render in Intel tool too.

Is there something wrong?

Code wizard render

C# application development with UPnP tools

I am developing a C# application and using UPnP.DLL provided with "Tools for UPnP Technologies".

I can iterate all devices on the network using UPnPSmartControlPoint class and using upnp:rootdevice as the matching filter.

But i don't know how to use Rescanning logic. If I call Rescan function of UPnPSmartControlPoint class; it does not iterate devices on the network. It even doesn't call the delegate function.

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