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Post install link error (cannot represent machine `iqd')


I have just installed "Intel System Studio for Microcontrollers" under windows/eclipse.

I am trying to build a simple project to check the install/development board setup, following the instructions in the "Intel System Studio for Microcontrollers User's Guide", but get the following link error -

iqd-newlib-elf-ld: cannot represent machine `iqd'

I have checked the linker script (Quark_D1000_RegDefs.ld), which by default on line 17 includes


Can you please explain what the problem is and how to fix it?


Current JTAG support doubts

I'm Marcus, from Brazil, and I have some questions:

Aiming to debug systems using JTAG I identified "ITP-XDP 3BR Kit" JTAG and "Development Kit: 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4700EQ processor with Mobile Intel® QM87 Express Chipset" as the most recent ones, is this correct ?

Another question is about their availability, once the development kit is said as "Program offered from July 2013 - June 2014
Lastly, are there any official JTAG supporter here in Brazil ?

Thanks a lot


Which Intel Compiler can create Firmware for Bare Metal Circuit Board Operation?

Hello all,

  I'm looking for a firmware compiler for the Intel Atom D410pt Deskboard. I don't wish to do Linux/Windows/Any Other OS app development.

Which Intel Compiler can create firmware for bare metal programming, like the Atmel series MCU's use.

Understood BIOS lives in Flash, but so does Atmel AVR32 firmware.

How do I create a BIOS binary? I'm not seeing 1 single compiler for bare metal programming.

They're all Windows this and Windows that. How do we program the circuit boards in binary?

intel system studio : cannot download earlier version (2014)


For project maintenance purpose, I need to download and install an earlier version of Intel Studio Professional.

I could get a license for 2015 version with no issue, but there's no way to select earlier 2014 version for download.

Can you help on this?

Thanks, Olivier.


C++ 64 compiler with inline {asm} 64-bit code

I wish to develop a 64-bit math library, C++, for Windows, on a 64-bit Windows. To start with, Single Core (not parallel). The compiler must include 64-bit inline {asm} code. To be integrated with the Visual C IDE (and debugger).  

The logic will be C++, the workhorse - MASM routines (Microsoft ML for X86_64/AMD64) and/or inline code.

Later, I may need, perhaps, a Linux version too. But that is far in the future.

The Intel Composer Xe 2013 would do: I have checked it.  I don't need the extra tools included in Composer Parallel Studio 2015, nor the parallel support.

Problem in Activating Intel C Compiler tool in Eclipse JUNO IDE


I have installed Intel System Studio in Ubuntu 12.04 and it is  integerated with  Eclipse juno IDE . Iam trying to compile the code which consist of both C and C++ files.Among all files, C++ file is compiling without  any  Error . But in case of C files,Iam facing problems(Errors in code). I could not resolve it. These C files are compiled in GCC compiler without any issue. Is there any issue with the compiler?  or issue in my code? 

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