Intel C++ Compiler and Performance Library for QNX* Neutrino* RTOS

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Can I install severals versions of Intel compiler ?


I'm running on Linux and using Eclipse.

I'm using Intel compiler Version 14.

I want to install Intel compiler V15 (30 days trail).

1. Do I need to remove V14 first ?

2. Could those 2 versions (V14 & V15) live together on eclipse ? (so after the 30 days trail, I will continue to use V14 without reinstall it)

3. If those 2 versions live together, will I have the option to choose in Eclipse - the version I want to work with ?




error #10298: problem during post processing of parallel object compilation


on Visual Ctudio 2013 with Intel Compiler XE building will throw the error "#10298: problem during post processing of parallel object compilation D:\Csource\ffmpeg\icl vsFFmpeg"

I switched project configuration properties - Intel Performance Libaries - Use Intel IPP from No to all listed items. No result. Always the same error. What to do?



problem in my dynamic lib*.so

I apologize if my question bothers you
I work on a code developed in C + + which worked well on mac os, this code will help create libraries *.so from *.cc and *.h I used this as flags:CXXFLAGS = -g -O2 -fPIC -Wall -ldl -D_GNU_SOURCE ,CXX := g++ and $(CXX)-shared -o $(LIBNAME) $(CLIBLIB) $(OUT_OBJS)this step is fine I got the *.so as follows. :
morad@linux-nzlc:~/Musique/workdir> ls library/tklibs/lib/

Real time OS with Intel latest CPU

Hi Experts:

    There is some real time OS with Intel CPU support. Could you please give me your expert suggestions on how to choose a real time OS for me?

    My requirements are:

    1. Support latest Intel CPU, such as Ivy-Bridge.

    2. Support multiple-core parallel computation capability, it will very great if it could use Intel parallel tools directly, such as Intel IPP/MKL etc. 

    3. Complete tools for development.

    Thank you and looking forward to your any comments.

Best Regards,

Sun Cao

Not able to generate .dyn file

I am working on code-coverage Analysis of my C++ Application. For that i am facing issue of ".dyn" (.dyn file is not generated). Below are the steps that I have followed

1.> I am compiling my application with makefile. I used "-prof-genx" option along with other existing options in my makefile and file pgopti.spi & pgopti.spl (size = 0) generated.

2.> Now I am running my Application, but ".dyn" file is not generated (It is suppose to generate after running the application)

Since lack of .dyn file I am not able to moov further. Please help me.


"FRAME_INTERPOLATION" definition in the IPP 7.0 H264 encoder

CODE (H264 encoder) to switch the way how the half pel got interpolated.
But I am not clear about the difference if I turn it on or off. My unstanding
is :
(1) When the FRAME_INTERPOLATION turns on, all the half pel on
the frame will be interpolated once and saved for motion estimation
(2) otherwise, the half pel interpolation is happen on-the-fly per block basis during the sub-pel ME.

Am I right? Thanks and Regards.

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