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Upgrade failure

I tried to upgrade from 6.5A to 6.6 but the system returns an error saying that the existing program was not installed properly. I did reinstall the program but the problem still persist. What could be the cause for this problem? Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance



I have a need to embed SQL statements in my Fortran program to talk to an Oracle database. The database I am using is Oracle 8i, and discovered that Oracle 8i does not have Fortran precompiler. Have you had any success in connecting to Oracle database and through what means? I appreciate your help in this matter. Thanks. fortran dll

I am trying to get a project I had running in vb6 running in
I am having trouble with the arrays because of the changes in
If I define my array as starting at a(0,0) instead of a(1,1), and I pass the array as a(0,0) into the fortran dll, will it interpret the array as a(1,1) in the
fortran dll?
Thanks for any comments on this
J george

Viewing only some type fields in debugger

I use an array of complex type definitions. But in debugging I usually am only interested in one of the variables. Is there a way to only see that variable?

type example
integer :: weight
end type example

program main
type (example), dimension(10) :: mytypes

In the Visual Studio debugger watch I can only enter: mytypes(1:n) and then plow through them to see weight.
What I want to see is mytypes(1:n)%weight.

CSAddin.dll file

Where can I find the CSAddin.dll file? The online documentation under "Using the Fortran COM Server Wizard" says it should be in the ...Microsoft Visual StudioCommonMSDev98AddinsDf98 directory but I can't find it there or on the CD.

We're interested in compiling our legacy Fortran code as a COM server to interact with Active Server Pages.

Using QSort with derived types

I keep getting the same error message when I attempt to compile the attached code.

Error: There is no matching specific subroutine for this generic subroutine call. [QSORT]

I followed the example but no joy, any suggestions.

Module QSortTypeTest
Use portlib
implicit none

Type IndxArray
Integer(kind=4) :: Idx
Real(kind=4) :: Val
EndType IndxArray

Conversion from vc++ 4.2 to vc++ 6.0

I am using VF 6.x as well as VC++ 6.0. One of the projects I am trying to convert has a combination of c(.c) source files and fortran (.for) files. The only thing I do to start the conversion is open the workspace in vc++ 6.0. When I try to build the project, the c source files do not even attempt to compile. Any suggestions??

VB .NET DLL Structure problems

I am upgrading my interface that was originally done in VB 6.0 using CVF 6.6 as the number cruncher via a .DLL compile. Everything worked fine. Now I am upgrading to VB .NET and I am having many problems with structures being passed to the fortran .DLL. I have a simple structure like this:


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