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OMX.Intel.VideoEncoder.AVC question

Fellow Intel Android developers:

I'm developing a H.264 video encoder application on a Lenovo K900 phone (Atom Z2580, Android 4.2.1), using the Android MediaCodec interface. The encoder works fine. The generated h264 elementary byte stream plays well in the VLC player, and the logcat file shows that OMX.Intel.VideoEncoder.AVC is used to do the real job.

Help My

Congratulations Night intel developer 
I name my home khaisarjava Indonesia 
I am interested in the article about Sandroid Emulator on Intel 
1. If my notebook can run android applications if 

OS : windows 8.1 Enterprise 
Processor : Intel(R) Atom (TM) CPU N550 @ 1.50GHz 1.50 GHz 
RAM : 2GB 
Type OS : 32 

Mac OSX phonegap app black boxes when running in haxm android emulator

I'm having an issues with running my phonegap(hybrid app) in the android emulator using the haxm acceleration.  When I load my app, everything loads quickly, the native splash screen shows as expected, but the UIWebView contains black boxes covering up the UIWebView content.  I've attached a screen shot of what the emulator looks like.

This works as expected on my windows machine with haxm.

This problem also persists on emulators that are beig run on linux machines.

Unity Android app


I am planning to go to IDZ Codefest 2013 at Bangalore so i have an idea of an app thats half done in Unity and the APK is running well in android tablet.Will i be able take the same app to the contest or will I have to modify it to Intel Architecture?

Medfield firmware (XT890)

XT890 is a Motorola smartphone on Medfield platform. I've developer edition with a open bootloader/ Device is bricked as many others and should be reflashed. I've all parts to bring it to live again: ifwi (BIOS), OS DnX (bootloader), OS (kernel with adb enebled). There is the last part to do: fw dnx needs to be changed, but checksum should be recalculated.

How to calculate a fwdnx checksum? Help, please.

Android Application for QR Code Scanning

Please help me in qr code scanning...

i tried to use zxing library..

bt there is a lot of problems..for that library..

i need to scan the qr application and i need to scan it without effecting my applications ui.

that is scanning should be done at a small section of my ui..

this cant be done using zxing library...

so somebody please in this..

this is very urgent..and i

if somebody have any library or code other than zxing...please immeadetly..

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