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Cannot see Wireless Settings in

I have two laptops which have the same configuration. Two laptops used Wireless as usual for working or for entertainment ( check mail, or skype...). Only one laptop sees Wireless Setting when I used the command: as figure below.

(note: laptop see Wireless Setting do not install the Intel®_PROSet_Wireless_Software

and laptop does not see Wireless Setting installed Intel®_PROSet_Wireless_Software)

(Sorry, I tried to update image but I cannot because this tool does not set my permission to upload image )

Intel Unite app cannot run on this hardware configuration

First, I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum!   I have gotten the run-around trying to get help on this! 

Bought a new HP 800 G2 PC that has Intel Vpro and "HP Collarobaration PC" software which is just Intel Unite.

HP EliteDesk 800 35W G2 Desktop Mini PC (ENERGY STAR)
Model #: P5W25UT with latest Firmware (Version N21 dated 1/25/16)

Intel management engine interface device cannot start code 10

Hi ,

I have see following  error at device manager :

Intel management engine interface device cannot start code 10

I was getting the same error earlier in Windows 7 and now in Windows 10 Pro after upgrade .

Here are my Intel Hardware details :

Board Model - DH67CL

Board Version - AAG10212 -210

Bios version - BLH6710H.86A.0146.2011.1222.1415


IPv4 AMT is not static

I am using Intel AMT version 9.5.35. I used the ACU_Wizard.exe in package IntelSCS_download_package_11.0.0.214\ACU_Wizard to configure Intel AMT password ( I have not enabled AMT vPro in BIOS setting ). I got the IPv4 address from ACUConfig_xxx.log for instance Then I used HLAPI to connect to my AMT to query Hardware Info and the result is successful in our company WiFi network. But after one day, when we came back to work, the IPv4 address was changed. I must use ACU_Wizard.exe to get IPv4 again and the result is

AMT could not connect to machine after Windows boot error displayed


A customer has a Lenovo M93p with AMT 9.1.0. I have set it up for remote KVM and it works fine.

Last week, I restored this system from a Windows backup. While the restore was running, I left the customer site and returned to my office. When I got back to my office, I was able to connect to the machine using the Intel Manageability Commander Tool, start the remote VNC Viewer, watch the restore complete, and click OK to initiate the required reboot. So far so good.

AMT MEBx Password

Guys i need your help in this 

i am new for using AMT technology, and i want to know if it's applicable or not 

Is MEBx Password can be randomly as KVM "user consent" 

IF the answer is NO 

Am i able to change the multi Machines 100X remotely ? 

i tried intel AMT profile Design and already created test profile but i don't know how to deploy it over those number of machines 


I need to change the MEBx password many times in case its being knowing from colleagues 


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