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AMT MEBx Password

Guys i need your help in this 

i am new for using AMT technology, and i want to know if it's applicable or not 

Is MEBx Password can be randomly as KVM "user consent" 

IF the answer is NO 

Am i able to change the multi Machines 100X remotely ? 

i tried intel AMT profile Design and already created test profile but i don't know how to deploy it over those number of machines 


I need to change the MEBx password many times in case its being knowing from colleagues 


Intel AMT Batch file report

Hello there,


We are using AMT to power up, power down machines and we are doing this through a script.


RemoteControl -hostname 10.x.x.x -user *** -pass **** -PowerUp

"AMT commands test.bat" >"C:\log\AMT commands tests.log"


Obviously this isn't the proper script as I've had to anoymise it for obvious reasons.

When I see the output of this log I get this;


On linux, cannot create shared library (.so) with IMRSDK



With linux AMT SDK, there is a problem linking with static library libimrsdk*.a when creating a shared library (.so) that use the AMT SDK !!!
The linker provide the following error:

relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against symbol 'g_lock' can not be used when making a shared object. recompile with -fPIC.

NOTE: creating an executable goes fine, but shared library that use the static library cause the above link error...

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