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vPro Alarm Clock working only on full hours


I have trouble setting the Alarm Clock properly. I am using the C++ API ver. 8.1. The documentation says that in the start time I'm supposed to fill in year, month, day, hour, and minutes, and that seconds have to be 0. Yet, whenever I try to set the minutes to something other than 0, we get the "XML invalid" exception. Can this be circumvented, so that I'm able to set the alarm with better precision than hours?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


how to implement vPro????

I want to implement USE vPro, not develop for it... is there a turnkey solution that someone offers? or an out-of-box software that just simply works?  just wondering.  Seems like vPro has 10-15 seperate items (sdk, adk, scs, bla bla bla) and not one thing that ties them all together on it's own. I am wrong or am i just missing somthing? Is a third party software required? Is there a consultant available that can simply explain the steps?


Searching BMC IPMI SDK


We have Intel Server Board S1200BTL. It supports IPMI through BMC.

We want to develop some software that will use BMC features remotely.

Can somebody help us in searching some SDK. How we can work with this hardware remotely using some high level API? 

Maybe you can give us some links from Internet. Maybe you know some famous API, COM library that can help us in working with BMC...

thanks in advance.

Best regards, Alex.

Remote BIOS update using AMT.


I am currently trying to understand how a remote BIOS update using Intel AMT might work. We've got two different types of workstations, Dell Precision T1650 and HP Compaq 8200 Elite. Dell, as well as HP only offer .exe files for BIOS updates on their websites. Is it somehow possible to remotely install BIOS updates on multiple of each of the workstations mentioned above using Intel AMT? 

Thanks in advance and best regards,

F. Weile







AMT SDK - NetworkAdmin sample

I am testing out the various samples contained within the AMT SDK and am running into issues with the NetworkAdmin sample.  One of the switches is "-sgen" which allows the changing of a property.  Specifically I'm trying to change the 'RespondsToPing'.  However, I can't seem to figure out how to use the '-sgen' switch.

Assistance is appreciated.  Thanks.

AMT Session Handles

I was wondering if there was a limit to the number of session/block/lock handles that can be create on one AMT.  Through my months of allocating and deeallocating I have created almost 200 3PDS blocks and 200 AMT lock policies.  Will the block handles keep incrementing?  Or rollover when a certain number is met?  



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