Intel® Cluster Poisson Solver Library (Archived)

Hello everybody,
I have some overclocking problems and I hope someone could help me.
I have a Intel Core I7-870 3,8 GHz 1,3V, when I overclocked it I ran Intel Burn Test for 12 Loops on Maximun settings and it succeeded, after that I ran Prime95 for 18,5 hours and it was stable, for 3 weeks it
ran fine, no problems, but after 3 weeks I got BSOD and a few days later again and again. And when I run Intel Burn test on Max settings again It succeeds. But a few days later I get BSOD again and again.

An error from the library?


I'm trying to use the CPSL to solve a (separable) ODE, which happens to have a sum of four Helmholtz equation solutions on the RHS. This means I have to call the library often, as I do the time stepping for the ODE. Everything works just fine, until after a good many calls to dmv0_helmholtz_2d I suddenly get:

Fatal error in MPI_Comm_dup:
Other MPI error, error stack:
MPI_Comm_dup(216)..: MPI_Comm_dup(comm=0x84000005, new_comm=0x7fffffffdfb0) failed
MPIR_Comm_copy(655): Too many communicators

Announcing the Intel(R) Cluster Poisson Solver Library

The Intel Cluster Poisson Solver Library (Intel CPSL) is a powerful tool set for solving separable Partial Differential Equations (PDE). It offers a set of 2D solvers for Poisson-like problems, as well as an example of a 3D Poisson solver. Intel CPSL provides an advanced implementation of the modern algorithms. For more experienced users, Intel CPSL offers insight into the solvers sufficient to finer tune them for better performance. The Intel CPSL is currently available only for the Linux* OS.

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