Intel® SOA Expressway XSLT 2.0 Processor (Archived)

Processor terminates with big files

I was evaluating how Intel XSLT processor works with big files and encounter a problem with it. It's crashes without any information.For test I used documents generated by xMark utility and some bogus transformaiton which converts names and content of the document.In attachment you can find following files:out00.xml - is converted normallyout01.xml - crashes during conversionxMark.xsl - is test stylesheetI used following command to run the processor:soaexslt2.exe xMark.xsl out01.xml result.xml

New Version?

With the 2.7 version of SOAE released, is there a new commandline processor going to be available?Is there any effort to make the commandline processor output in some way that will be compatible with Oxygen?'d like to run a set of XSLT unit tests I have developed for the XSLT i use in a SOAE Bundle.

Could not find function: matches

I am using Intel Service Designer and Inter SOA Expressway for creating web services. When i am using matches function inside bpel of designer it is throwingCould not find function: matches. I see designer is using xpath 1.0 with bpel 2.0. My question is, do i have to explicitly download and configure 2.0. Isn't the 2.0 processor included in designer and SOA Expressway? Is there a latest version of designer that includes 2.0 processor?

Using External Function Libraries

I am trying to use this processor or the XSL Transformation Run Command in the Soa Expressway Services Designer to quickly run an xsl against some test data as I develop the XSL.I use external function libraries, currently includingxmlns:soae-xf=""The XSL runs fine when I run the BPEL in the services designer, but trying to run it in as just the XSL Transformation gives me:Unable to resolve call to function ''.The XSLT

Should providing a URL (instead of a file path) for the stylesheet work?

Part of the FAQ of the XSL mailing list is the stylesheet When I enter that URL at the command line with Intel's XSLT processor (i.e. calling it with

"C:ProgrammeIntel SOA Expressway XSLT 2.0soaexslt2.exe" test2010031601.xml


it crashes. Should providing a URL for the stylesheet be possible?

bug with comparison/minimum of xs:dateTime values

I have found a problem with the comparison and minimum of xs:dateTime values.

Here are minimal test documents, first the XML input which has a list of 'item' elements with xs:dateTime values:



Now in the stylesheet I want to find the minimum dateTime item element of those item elements which are greater than the current dateTime:

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