Intel ISA Extensions

Processing of data in SSE/AVX/AVX2


Im working on my project and Im looking for the answer:

When Im processing 256-bits of data, is better to use (in one core) for this one whole YMMx register or to split them for 2x128-bits and process them through 2 XMMx registers at different ports, hence on different SSE/AVX unit (in Sandy Bridge there are 3 ports per core for AVX)?  Which option is faster?

Intel SDE control


I'm using Intel SDE in Linux, version 7.8.0 and I wish to count some of the floating point instructions executed by the application. I'm using -mix tool to get the number of instructions.

Is there any way to control Intel SDE, some events to start and stop the counting? I would like to instrument just a part of the application, but I don't have an access to applications' source code.

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TSX with Haswell-E

Are there any known motherboard and bios versions that allow me to develop using TSX with Haswell-E?

Or, has the Haswell-E already had TSX permanently disabled?

Or, has no disabling taken place yet at all?

I really want to know so I can decide what to purchase.


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