Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel MIC Architecture)

offlat attribute

I have compiled my program "a.f", which contains the subroutine asub, with -qoffload-attribute-target=mic. Now in another file "b.f", inside the "!dir$offload target (mic)" I call this "asub". But in front of (before the line) "call asub" in "b.f" I do not put the "!dir$ offload attributes target:mic:asub". Everything seems to compile fine, and offload report gives me information on the offloaded region. I just wanted to make sure, is there anything to worry that I did not put "!dir$ offload target:mic:asub" in "b.f" or not? Thanks!  


Just a quick question, if I set for example mic_kmp_place_threads=60c,1t/60c,2t/60c,3t and mic_omp_proc_bind=close, then I assume the above means that I will have 60 cores utilized and in each of them I will have 1, 2, and 3 threads running respectively, am I right? But what is the job of mic_omp_proc_bind=close? Thank!


I am using the -qopt-report3 -qopt-report-phase-report=vec while compiling my code with offloaded section. But I don't get any report on vectorization. 1) Why is that?

2) is there a way to request only vec. report only on a specific subroutine?


why this simple offload give Segmentation fault error

this simple test code is this(testclass.cpp):

#include <iostream>

class TEST{
    double *A;
    TEST(double * _A){A = _A;}
    void run(){
        A[1] = 0;
        // double *B = A;
        #pragma offload target (mic) inout(A:length(2*3))
            A[1] = 1;

int main()

Is it possible to offload a string array to xeon phi

I want to get all substring of a string on xeon phi
First, I read a txt file from args and store it into a pointer array like this

char *temp_string[N_ELEMENT];

Second, I want to using pragma offlad to copt this array to xeon phi like this

#pragma offload target(mic: 0) in(temp_string:length(N_ELEMENT))

The command line give me the following message

error: variable "temp_string" used in in/out/inout clause is an array whose underlying type is "char *"

Is it have any solutation to fix my problem?

mic0 connection problem

I would used mic0 through ssh, but suddenly doesnt it work.  

[----@localhost ~]$ micctrl -s
mic0: online (mode: linux image: /usr/share/mpss/boot/bzImage-knightscorner)
[----@localhost ~]$ ssh mic0
ssh: connect to host mic0 port 22: Connection timed out

So, I restared mic0 using mpss command ( service mpss restart )

but same error happen. This error happend  in the old day, at that time, I just resetting mic0 configuration.

It would be okay if resetting mic0, but I dont wanna do it becaused of many configurations.

Xeon Phi Coprocessor and Citrix XenServer 6.2

I am trying to use the Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor card with a Citrix XenServer 6.2 guest VM (HVM guest) with PCI passthrough.

The following is my setup:

SuperMicro SYS-6037R-72RTF+
Dom0: XenServer release 6.2.0-70446c (xenenterprise) (Kernel
HVM Guest: CentOS 6.5 with stock kernel, Xeon Phi is passed through with the Xen pciback driver.

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