Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel MIC Architecture)

Writing a kernel module for Xeon Phi

Hello, I have written a simple kernel-space memory allocator module for Xeon Phi, but I have yet to figure out how it builds.

It should compile from the host, but there is no Xeon Phi-specific build /lib/modules/ folder.

I copied one from the ramfs in running Xeon Phi (, but then there is no 'build' folder initialized.

Is there any documentation or an article to guide me through?

offload_transfer: array of variables?


I would like to pre-allocate a number of buffers for later data transfers from CPU to MIC, using explicit offloading in C++.

It works nicely if each buffer corresponds to an explicit variable name, as e.g. in the double-buffering examples. However, I would like to have a configurable number of such buffers (more than 2), i.e. an array of buffers. (the buffers are used for asynchronous processing on the MIC, and I need quite a few of them).

Efficiently Use KNC Instructions on Unaligned Data

MIC requires strict 64Byte data alignment to utilize vpu, but why? I found Sparc also have such an requirement. But other multi-core CPU can handle unaligned data.

As MIC can automatically vectorize a for loop of data(with compiler optimization), what if the data is unaligned in this case? will the auto optimization still work?  if yes, how?


I would like to clarify my problem here.

Knight's Landing + Java

Dear Intel Staff,

I just got to know some details of your great presentation of Knight's Landing (KNL) at Hot Chips this year. Information about KNL on the website is still sparse. From your slides I understand that there will be a version of KNL that is socked and can be used as a primary CPU in a rack. However, this raises quite some questions that I cannot find satisfying answers.

Questions about SCIF Driver

I have a system with 2 PHI cards installed running on redhat 7.0. I am able to run code on the cards as pure offload and I can ssh into the cards. I am trying to get symmetric mode to work.

1) Does symmetric mode require OFED, or is OFED only required when there is a physical Infiniband card?

2) What are the proper steps to verify that the SCIF driver is properly loaded? mic shows up as a driver but there is no indication of anything named SCIF. 

iconv issue

hi all,


I'm trying to build something for the Phi that depends on iconv; the library routines are present , but the following application fails when run on the Phi:

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <iconv.h>

int main () {
  iconv_t cd;
  cd = iconv_open("latin1","UTF-8");
  if(cd == (iconv_t)(-1)) exit(1);


if I build this using "icc -o iconv_test iconv_test.c" and run it on the host it return no error (exit code 0).

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