Level Up 2011 Intel® Game Demo Challenge (Archived)

Cross genre games

Hi,Our game is a RPG-strategy hybrid, how should we deicide what caterory to choose in the submission form? If we decide it's more of a strategy game and judges will percive it as a RPG would we loose the chance to win the Strategy Category award?Thanks

NVidia PhysX SDK

I want to submit a demo for the contest LevelUp 2011 and I want to know if I am
permitted to use the PhysX SDK from NVidia as part of my demo.
Can I participate with the demo in the section Best Simulation
game, for the prize Best Use of Game Physics?
Thank you.

competition focus question

I know it may be a bit late (o.k maybe a lot late) but I am still considering participating in this. I do have a question for you though! Looking at the past winners it seemed most of those games were built on a custom engine. It seems the focus of that competition was more technical. The winners focued on engine features (anti aliasing, battery meters in game, performance, graphics scaling, stuff like that) rather than innovative gameplay. I myself do not enjoy making engines.

Technical problem - Picture missing and text without order

Hi Mitch,

It seems the submit entry website has some serious issues whenloading here in China:

Dear Mitch, could you help me to check for my entry and see if everything is filled out correctly? When I try to check on my entry both the logo is not uploaded and the text is completly without any breaks. If so can you help me to change it?

Target system specs

I've looked at the official rules and this part got my attention :

Target System Specifications: Entries competing in the contest must
install and run on a Microsoft* Windows* 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating
software and DirectX* 9.0c or DirectX* 10.1 software with:

Intel 2nd Generation Core i5 processor
Intel HD 3000 Graphics
4GB DDR3-1333 memory

Student or Professional...

Hi Intel team!

Thanks for opening this contest another year.
I have a question:

Technically, I'm a student (last year accountancy), while I learned C++ self taught.
Does this mean I have to compete in the Student category? Or can I go after the Independent/Professional category? (I'd prefer to chose the latter)

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Also I see the "entry description" field removes all text formatting after I hit "preview". Is this normal? Is this field supposed to be short or long? Thanks

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