Ultrabook™ and Windows* 8

Can't find any API for MUMT user identification

Hello everyone.

I'm doing a game for all-in-one platform and I need to know which user made the touch.

I've tried to search some info by "MUMT" (multi user multi touch) here. but found just examples where the logic is split screen by area and assume that specific user use just own part of the screen. and this is not what i need.

After the window 8 build ther is an error of invalid id type.

After developing an app for windows phone 8.1 . The app is not build and it returns the error
<b>The 'Id' attribute is invalid - The value '5BA24DDE.Cordova008' is invalid according to its datatype 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/appx/2010/manifest:ST_ApplicationId' - The Pattern constraint failed. </b>

Please help me to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

For more details please check the build log attached to this post.

windows affinity hyperthreaded aware scheduler



I need help to understand this. My PC had this override scheduling police. Effects and execution speed of multithreaded applications is tremendously better (rendering, responsivness it runs like real-time) . Threads were scheduled in real time on CPU cores (CPU affinity was changing in a very inteligent way). Please any help on this?

My system is : Windows 8, i3 core 3220.


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Ultrabook DNS server problem (fixed)

On my current trip to USA west coast, after some airport stops, my Ultrabook was refusing to connect to DNS server on Apple oriented wifi hotspots, although my Android tablet had no difficulty.  When this happens, the solution is to open Network and Sharing Center, click on the desired connection, open its Properties, select IPv4 properties, and set Obtain DNS Server address automatically.

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