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Yellow starburst, but no email notification

I have 3 ideas with yellow starburst in my account, which if I'm not mistaken means those ideas passed to Phase 2, but I haven't received any email notification about the idea selection or about the delivery of the RealSense hardware.

I did receive previous email notifications before the selection though, so I assume there's no problem with my email.

Does this means the idea actually passed and there's a problem with the emails or that the yellow starbursts doesn't mean anything?

My user account is irun.siregar


Receive Camera in Brazil - Track by Tracking Number?


Hi, I was accepted as a Phase 1 Finalist in the the Intel® RealSense™ App Challenge 2014. 


Could you give me the tracking number of the camera in post office, please?


There is a prediction for the camera to arrive here in Brazil?


Thanks for you attention,

Jefferson Alves Pereira

Missing Camera

I received a notification from FedEx that a package containing a "Creative Technology Camera" was shipped to my home. I wasn't too sure what it was until I remembered receiving an email from Intel saying that you guys will be shipping out the cameras this week. Here's a screenshot of the delivery confirmation:


Unfortunately, they sent it to the wrong person (hopefully it was to someone else at my apartment complex). If they cannot locate my package tomorrow, is it possible for intel to send me another Realsense Camera kit?

Receive camera.

Hello. I'm Phase 1 finalist. I living in Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, but from November 22 to December 15 I'll be in San-Francisco (USA). It is possible to receive camera in USA? (from November 22 to December 15 I can't receive it in Russia)


Country Specific Information Required for Camera in India

I got a mail that requires me to fulfill following criteria for receiving the Intel Camera:

"Because of government importation regulations in your Country(India), in order to ship you the Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera, Federal Express requires your personal Tax Identification Number if you've entered as an individual or your company's Tax Identification Number if you've entered as an employee of a company."

Since I am an individual who just passed out of college and don't have TIN number. Could anyone suggest me how should I proceed.

How do I get reference of fingertip extraction in PCSDK?


I'm a student of university in South Korea. 

My field of study is fingertip extraction with single depth camera and I'm preparing the paper about it by using Creative Senz3D. 

In this paper, I carry out the experiment which compare my algorithm to the Perceptual Computing SDK.

However, I can't find the algorithm of fingertip extraction in the Perceptual Computing SDK. 

I want to know the specific algorithm or reference of fingertip extraction in Perceptual Computing SDK to refer my paper.

Please do let me know.

Best regards.

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