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Creating mask over hand in Unity using depth camera


I am using Unity to create a mask that will completely cover a user's arm/hand or other object when they put it in front of the camera.

I need the mask to line up as perfectly as possible with what the hand looks like in the colored image.

I started out by using the Unity example that I found here:

Require the Intel Perceptual Compute SDK Installer


I recently reinstalled my computer. In my attempt to set up all my software, I realized the PerC SDK Installer has been removed. Unfortunately, I require the installer, as my project work depends on it. Could someone please provide me with a link as where I could access the SDK? Or Private Message me so you can send it to my email.

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App challenge - Learning edutainment category


I would like some clarification about this category description. When I request the landing page:

And click on the hat above LEARNING EDUTAINMENT the following description appears:

With your app, learning isn’t a snap, it’s a swipe. Your software leverages Intel® RealSense™ Technology to integrate all 10 fingers, 8 unique gestures, and raw depth data capability for creating interactive e-books,edutainment games and other learning apps.

Dell Venue 8 7000 with RealSense

See the youtube link for hands on video on Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet with RealSense camera.

The one thing that interest me is.... did you realize it is an Android tablet?

Which means now RealSense camera and SDK works with Android?

When can you release a SDK for Intel SenZ or developer camera to work with Android?

I have USBOTG so the connector is not a problem.


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