iPhone* Porting Project (Archived)

intel's porter software

i tried to download the porter software but it is in .exe and all i use is mac machines. i dont own a pc or anything that can run that. is there another version of this porter software for mac os that i can use. furthermore, i am a apple app store developer and want to convert my apps for app up but as stated above i don't own a pc. are there softwares out there other than this porter that could help. just looking for a porter or converter that can convert obj c to html.

Porting of iOS Apps that use GameKit/GameCenter-specific features

While browsing the AppUp developer resources, i could not find any information regarding Multiplayer/Online-features. How am i supposed to port those features like -Matchmaking -Online-Highscores -Online-Achievements of an iOS-game, that have been originally implemented with GameCenter? On iOS, all of this is already available with GameCenter and accessed through the highlevel GameKit-framework. Is there any equivalent service for the AppUp-platform? Thanks, Florian

Funding withdrawn

I have been working on an iPhone porting project for a number of months and the offer of funding has been suddenly withdrawn. My contact at Intel UK has not acknowledged or responded to my recent emails. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems, particularly with the sudden withdrawal of funding? Disgraceful behaviour. What is going on? Contact me directly at infoATtapmedia.co.uk if preferred. Tony

New tool ?

Iphone porting is an exciting prospect and one I would love to get my developers involved in. I have readd some news this week concerning new developments with AppUp. The rumour - Intel is creating a tool that will make it easier for developers to convert iPhone applications to Intel-based smartphones, tablets and other devices, media outlets reported this week. PC World wrote that the tool “could provide a simple way to port applications to MeeGo” and “increase the number of applications available” on AppUp.

ATOM Processor Considerations

When porting from a hand held mobile device such as the iPhone there are many aspects of the netbook platform that may leverage, quite notably the CPU. Many of these opportunities are easy to spot while others require a little architectural consideration to take advantage of. This article aims to expose some important areas to consider when it comes to taking advantage of the ATOM CPU's performance and how your application can benefit.

iPhone Application Porting Checklist

Are you about to beging your iPhone to Netbook porting efforts? Pause for a moment to consider a few key aspects that will increase your return. Before you put the first line of code down, take a peek at this simple iPhone porting checklist. Investing a little more time up front could pay dividends in your completed netbook application. Even if you are some weeks away from beginning, there is plenty you can do now to ensure a smooth and rewarding porting experience.

Moving from GPS to Geolocation

Does your iPhone application require location services? Your application uses location services and the iPhones GPS has become a dependency. Let's look at how we can solve for this requirement when porting our application to the netbook platform. The lack of GPS hardware on certain netbook models is not a show stopper in many cases. Article: Moving from GPS to Geolocation
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