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How to use XmlHttpRequest from local file and prevent "Origin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin." ?

How to use XmlHttpRequest from local file and prevent Origin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. ? I am in the process of creating a tizen app , and I want to perform a http query from my app , but it looks this is unsecure ... This action seems very basic, so I might have miss something ? I can explain further and provide a sample code if needed More to come later : -- http://rzr.online.fr/q/html5

is tizen alpha version released?? there is no download link for tizen image in tizen.org.

hi all, i plan to port tizen alpha version in intel crossvillie OKI hub. we already tested meego 1.2.04 version in that board but main problem, touch screen is not working. so we plan to test the tizen in intel crossvillie OKI hub. i'm searching tizen image for the past 1 months. i heard tizen alpha released recently. can anybody please provide the tizen image download link???

An Early Look at Tizen

Hi, I just had a look of the pre-release and developer docs of Tizen: https://www.tizen.org/blogs/tsg/2012/early-look-tizen I am very exited and happy that Tizen is here in Q1 of 2012 as expected! Hope that Windows or Mac SDK will be available soon. What about you? Are you impressed with the pre-release, too? Thanks, Leon

Welcome to our Tizen forum

Welcome, to Tizen! Note, there's a lot of information to come and the core place for information will be at www.tizen.org. However with that I'm sure there are a lot of questions, comments and feedback that's appropriate to engage with AppUp as store framework for Tizen Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and typically the forum rules are to stay on topic. At this period however I'm inclined to say let us know what you are thinking, but know if we seem tight lipped it is because stuff is in progress and we'd not want to get out inaccurate information.
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